Thursday, February 05, 2009

REMINDER: Fol Chen's Album Release Event

I enjoyed the hell out of Samuel Bing's [mystery last band], so I jumped at the opportunity to see Fol Chen a year or so back when he told me they were playing in his living room at a party out in Eagle Rock.

It was one of their first public performances -- they may have snuck out to Mr T's Bowl once before that, I think... -- and it was great. So loud you needed to step back into the doorway to the kitchen if you didn't have earplugs in, sure, but unmistakably great. I've been following them since and their performances have gotten better and better... At times, discordant and strange, but always catchy and listenable. Experimental pop music with excessively good results.

This Saturday, they're celebrating the release of their album on Asthmatic Kitty at the tiny, BYOB art gallery known as Pehrspace should be ridiculously packed on Saturday night as Fol Chen, along with the experimental (former) and poppy (latter) Karin Tatoyan and Avi Buffalo.

And it's really worth your time.


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