Friday, February 06, 2009

UNDER COVERED Set List Peek - Part 1

On Sunday, February 15th, RFSL and The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club are presenting UNDER COVERED at All-Star Lanes -- a show where Radars to the Sky, Death to Anders, Marvelous Toy, and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (w/ Angela Correa) will perform sets comprised completely of their favorite songs from active local bands. Here's the first look at what they'll be playing (and why):


Learning five cover songs of some of our favorite local LA bands has been such a terrific (and humbling) experience. In addition to being so thrilled about our involvement with Radio Free Silver Lake's cover show, practicing and performing these cover songs has magnified, in our minds, the true and exceptional talent that is coming out of the East Side of Los Angeles. It was difficult for us to choose only five songs, for if we had the time, we would have chosen over twenty songs to cover.

Nevertheless, we picked out five songs which all have a very unique quality and sound, while adapting our own Death to Anders influence into the mix. By doing this, the overall result has been an overwhelmingly positive learning experience. By figuring out, analyzing and understanding the other bands' arrangements, melodies, and lyrics, we have a better view on how to strengthen and improve ours. We are all so happy to be a part of this, and have had a blast preparing for this show too!

Song Choice: Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families

For me, it was a great choice to cover The Silversun Pickups. Pete and John, or bass player and drummer, have had a long lasting friendship with the members of The Silversun Pickups, spanning back to their old band Crooner, which involved Pete and John, and current Silversun Pickups members Nikki Monninger and Chris Guanlao. In addition, when Nick and I first discovered the Silver Lake and Echo Park scene, we really did not know any bands or venues involved here. Our first drummer Anders had told us that he was hearing some buzz about an up-and-coming band called The Silversun Pickups and that we should check them out.

When we saw them (about four years ago), not only were we introduced to one of the biggest and inspirational bands to come out of Silver Lake, but we were also introduced to The Echo, where they played. Since then, we have been so eager and happy to be a part of this community, and I can confidently say that The Silversun Pickups were one of the very first inspirations for us. I later had the great privilege of interning for Dangerbird Records (The Silversun Pickups' label) where I helped promote their tours right after Carnavas came out.


Song Choice: Avi Buffalo - Where's yer Dirty Mind?

Ethan introduced me to this band like a year ago when they were opening up for Amnion and such at Pehrspace. I was really floored not just by the sensitivity / technicality of their performance, but also the well crafted songs. Avi and his band are beyond their age in both of these arenas. This song is the first one that immediately grabbed me.


Song Choice: Fol Chen
- No Wedding Cake

Because it is the epitome of sexy - like fc's frontman.


Song Choice: Thailand - The Chronic Sigh

Thailand is one of the real under appreciated bands in this town. Their songwriting is as strong as anybody around, and their latest e.p. is a gem. I asked Mouse [from Classical Geek Theatre] for some suggestions for this show, and this was one of the songs he recommended. Of all the songs on that disc, the interlocking guitar and keyboard part in the chorus this song was the one thing that got absolutely stuck in my head and would not leave. We also wanted to tackle some songs that weren't the kind of thing that we normally do, and this qualifies. It's got this really odd quality of being both restrained and bold at the same time; almost like there's something simmering underneath waiting to boil.

All in all, this is a great band (and warm, nice people) worth celebrating, and this is among their better songs ever.


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