Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Band Alert: The Mayfair Set

by Marion Hodges

So, surely by now you are all pretty much completely enamored with the L.A. based, shrouded in mystery, one woman phenomena that is Dum Dum Girls. If your response to that previous statement was anything other than a solid nod of agreement, then visit that link immediately, and become enamored!

However, our hero in that story, "Dee Dee," is currently busy expanding her horizons with the equally deserving of your attention Mike "Blank Dogs". They've joined forces to create The Mayfair Set where the best elements of both individuals' main projects are blended to create a fuzzy pop delight.

In a related note, Blank Dogs will make his Los Angeles debut at Pehrspace on March 26th for a Part Time Punks presented set. I refuse to be so naive as to hope for an impromptu Mayfair Set set, oh but wouldn't it be so wonderful? Still, this has the potential to be one of the best shows of the year regardless of my wildly unrealistic expectations going un-met. I highly recommend that you make it out to this one. Show up early, prepare to feel packed like a sardine, and (naturally) experience nothing short of one of the most memorable nights of your life so far.


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