Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hope To See You At The Halloween Party Tonight!

Country Legend Porter Wagoner Dies At 80

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Video Game/Indie Pop Crossover

There aren’t many times when the world of my day job in video games and my night pursuits in music overlap in any real appreciable way.

But outside of the upcoming holiday rivalry between Activision’s Guitar Hero III and EA’s Rock Band, there’s been a recent surprise…

If you plan on beating Valve’s Portal -- which is found within The Orange Box collection for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 -- then, um, SPOILER! (Picture hands in air.)

The game places you as test subject in a series of experiments where you use a device that allows you to set portals to transport yourself around the environment. It goes like this: You set one portal on a wall near you, fire another where you want it to lead, then walk through. Action and comedy ensue.

The tests are run by a computer program that over time you come to realize is somewhat unhinged, as the tasks become more difficult and it becomes obvious its trying to kill you.

The dialogue is well-written and often frigging hilarious. For example, you start one early level hearing the computer comment, "Please note: We have added a consequence for failure. Any contact with the chamber floor will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your official testing record -- followed by death. Good luck."

And all of it delivered in a deadpan, modulated female computer voice.

But the part of the game that’s actually relevant to this site is its indie pop ending. After you beat it, the credits roll and the computer voice returns, now singing an electronic pop song that would do The Postal Service proud.

Besides having a number of goddamn witty lines nested inside, it’s also catchy as hell. I put it into the mix between sets at our Let’s Independent! show at Boardner’s and no one batted an eye.

Since the game came out, nearly everyone I know who’s played it won't stop talking about how great the writing is and how much they love the ending song.

And they’re not alone... It appears to be turning into a little Interweb phenom, with the YouTube clip of the finale getting hundreds of thousands of plays.

Anyway, listen or watch for yourself -- or, better yet, just play the damn thing. It's the video game equivalent of an independent movie and well worth your time.

- Portal Still Alive MP3

Ticket Giveaway: Eagle Rock Halloween Party, Enon, and The Octopus Project

It's like Eddie Money said, I've got two tickets to paradise... Why don't you pack your bags and we'll leave tonight?

Okay, not really. But I do have the following tickets to give away for shows this week:

- Two pairs for Wednesday's Halloween Party at All-Star Lanes w/ The Henry Clay People, The Monolators, Radars To The Sky, and more.
- Two pairs for Enon at The Echo this Saturday.
- Three pairs for The Octopus Project at The Roxy next Saturday.

Just write us right here with the show you want to see in the title and your full name in the message to be entered in the drawing.

UPDATE: The tickets are gone! Thanks!

Here are videos from the bands -- along with one from Eddie Money just for, y'know, thematic consistency or something.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Monday Show Low Down (Or “Take It Like Candies...”)

There were a volley of great Halloween parties last Saturday night... highlights of which included impromptu tennis matches, stripper pole lessons, lecherous behavior directed at girls in bunny costumes, at least one Chupacabra, and much more.

For my part, I was dressed up as Peter Gabriel’s character from the end of the Shock The Monkey video… as seen right below, if you don't remember or never saw it.

I lost a bet that five people over the course of the night would recognize it. (Only one did.)

Anyway, here’s a look at what appears to be a busy week:

Monday, October 29
- Castledoor, Frankel, & Aaron (Earlimart) Espinoza @ The Echo (FREE)
- Oliver Future, Steve Barton & the Oblivion Click @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Aushua, In Waves, We Barbarians, & Matt Death and The New Intellectuals @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ Radars to the Sky, Porterville, Hazelden, & Totally Radd @ The Viper Room
- Limbeck @ The Hotel Café
- The Vacation, The Density, & Burn Baby Burn @ The Airliner
- The ALS, Ollin, & Cracker and A Coaster @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Saves The Day @ The Troubadour
- The Order of the Fly, Murderland, The White Coffin Terror, & Silent Meow @ The Scene (FREE)
- The Moving Picture Show, The Fizzies, & Crash Kings @ Bordello
- Queens of the Stone Age @ The Nokia Theatre
- Tegan & Sara & Northern State @ The Orpheum

The always-great-live Radars To The Sky are playing at The Viper Room on the west side, while the exceptional (and free) line-up of Castledoor, Frankel, and Aaron Espinoza from Earlimart takes place to the east at The Echo.

Tuesday, October 30
- Thurston Moore w/ Scores (feat. Cristina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray) @ The Echo
- Girth, Das Vibenbass, & Not In The House @ Spaceland
- Regina Spektor @ The Wiltern
- Battles & No Age @ The Henry Fonda
- The Glimmer Stars, The Condors, & The Dedication @ The Scene
- Brandy Vinyl Presents: The Ooh Las, Maxeen, & Crash Encore @ Safari Sam’s
- Sondre Lerche @ Amoeba Music (FREE – 7:00) - Thurston Moore w/ Scores (feat. Cristina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray) @ The Echo
- The Kids Of Widney High, Fuck Ass & The Grease Patrol, The Janitor, The Sirens, & The Mormons @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Federico Aubele @ The Troubadour
- Broken Social Scene @ The Orpheum
- The Procession, The last American Buffalo, The World Record, Francisco The Man, & Gabrial Matcek @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ The El Rey

Is it really Broken Social Scene playing or is it one of their side project groups? I’ve heard people say both… They put out one of my favorite albums a few years back, but I haven't kept up with them too well lately.

Wednesday, October 31
- Rock Insider, Radio Free Silver Lake, & The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club’s Halloween Party w/ Radars to the Sky, Service Group, The Fresas, The Monolators, The Natural Disasters, & Downtown/Union @ All-Star Lanes
- The Pogues @ The Wiltern
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with The Deadly Syndrome @ Spaceland
- Ceu @ The El Rey
- Kiss Or Kill Halloween Show w/ Pu$$y-Cow, Bang Sugar Bang, Underwater City People, & The Invisible Humans @ El Cid
- Devil Doll, The Dropdead Beats, & More @ Safari Sam’s
- Dub Club @ The Echoplex
- Tristeze, Aquaduct, & Georgie James @ The Echo
Thee Cormans, Rover’s Pinky, & Hot Burlesque Chicks @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Flaming Fire, My Barbarian, & Discount Cruise To Hell @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Danzig @ The Greek
- The EEGOS, Mutant Press, & Savoir Faire @ The Scene
- Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and The Pogues @ The Wiltern

We’re helping put on a Halloween show on Wednesday night at All-Star Lanes with The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club and Rock Insider. Points of interest include Radars To The Sky, The Monolators, The Henry Clay People, and … bowling!

Thursday, November 1
- The VLA, Cavil At Rest, Pistol Pistol, & The Magnificent Ambersons @ The Troubadour
- The Transmissions, Mr Gnome, The Guppies, & Mospeada @ The Knitting Factory
- Bad Dudes, Planets & Totally Serious (former members of Upsilon Acrux) @ The Smell
- Redd Kross w/ Ari Shine @ The Echoplex
- Junior League, Sally Jaye & Z.R.A. @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Lux & Ruby’s Burlesque-A-Go-Go w/Hazelden, Kissing Tigers, & Spider Problem @ The Scene
- Sigur Ros @ The Vista Theature
- Muso, Enid The Dowl, The Kris Special, & The Fresas @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Bryonoy Atkinson, Black Olive, & Liz Pappademas @ Bordello
- The Pogues @ The Wiltern

Looks like a good night to try catching an act you may not have heard before, like The Transmissions, Enid The Dowl, or Kissing Tigers.

Friday, November 2
- Ferraby Lionheart, The Hundred Days, & Hollywood Underground Burlesque Society @ Bordello
- Club Underground w/ The Black Kites & Mezzanine Owls @ The Echo
- Low Vs. Diamond & Something For Rockets @ The Viper Room
- The Sweet Heart, Tenlons Fort, Frankel, Correatown, & The Monolators @ Mr T’s Bowl
- The Great Gleaming Sea, Gruv Projekt, Wait Think Fast, & The New Room @ The Scene
- Junior League, The High Society, & Bruce Burton @ El Cid
- The Polyphonic Spree, Rooney, & The Redwalls @ The Henry Fonda
- Slackstring & The Culver City Dub Collective @ The Troubadour
- The Bronx & The Mercy Killers @ Safari Sam’s
- Red Kross @ The Echoplex
- Dax Riggs (of Deadboy and The Elephantmen), & Beaten Awake @ Spaceland
- Amnion, HT Heartache, The Year Zero, Ema and the Ghosts, & Tenlons Fort @ Pehrspace
- The Grey Daturas, Thrones, Megafuckers, David Scott Stone, & Bobb Bruno @ The Smell
- The Dropkick Murphys @ The Wiltern
- Yo La Tengo @ The Ivar Theatre

I’ve seen Ferraby Lionheart play before and thought he was fantastic live and really recommend him, but there’s a great line-up of bands over at Mr T’s Bowl and my friend Octavius from KXLU Demo Listen speaks really highly of Amnion, and then there's Mezzanine Owls and Black Kites over at The Echo, too. Guh.

(Note: Friday may be your last chance to see Tenlons Fort before the frontman moves to Austin for at least a few months… Luckily, they’re playing two shows the same evening.)

Saturday, November 3
- Xu Xu Fang, Lion Fever, Winter Flowers, & Magic Mirror @ Spaceland
- Minus The Bear & Helio Sequence @ The Avalon
- Yo La Tengo @ The Ivar Theatre
- Matt Nathanson @ The Troubadour
- Health, Meneguar, Crime Novels, & Abe Vigoda @ The Smell
- Stop, Revolt, & El Olio Wolof, & Make Me @ Pehrspace
- The Pets, The Guilty Hearts, The Thingz, & The Black Comets @ The Scene
- Low Vs. Diamond & Something For Rockets @ The Viper Room
- Sigur Ross @ UCLA
- Storehouse, Monogroove, Slow, Baxter House, & Skywreck @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Iamx @ The El Rey
- Rodrigo y Gabriela @ The Henry Fonda
- Dub Lab 8 Year Anniversary party @ The Echoplex
- Enon, Love Of Diagrams, & Model/Actress @ The Echo

The Helio Sequence are fantastic, but parking at The Avalon definitely is not… Yo La Tengo are playing at some place called The Ivar Theatre and psych rock gods Xu Xu Fang will make Spaceland all smoky inside.

Sunday, November 4
- Rademacher, Nyles Lannon, & Light FM @ Spaceland
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Karin Tatoyan & Marvelous Toy @ All-Star Lanes
- Manic Episode, Speaker Speaker, Killing Cassady, & Seismic Waves @ The Scene
- Mariee Sioux, Aaron Ross (Hella), Lee Bob Watson, & Ash Reiter @ Tangier
Buck 65 @ The Troubadour
- Tecumseh, Damion Romero, Monsturo, & Jeremy Drake @ The Smell
- Mad Happy, Tongues N Teeth, & Steve Gregoropoulos @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Rodrigo y Gabriela @ The Henry Fonda
- Do Make Say Think & Apostle Of Hustle @ The Echoplex

Fresno’s Rademacher always put on a great live show and indie pop provocateurs Light FM completely pwnz0red Let’s Independent! last week, so their Sunday Spaceland pairing sounds pretty solid. But don't forget Marvelous Toy over at The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club.

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mini-Interview: Nightfur

It’s hard not to fall for Nightfur’s recently-released debut She Lives, what with its winsomely melancholic heart, smarty pants lyrics, and fuzzy 60s psyche pop sound...

It’s one of those rare albums where you have a difficult -- but pleasant -- time picking your favorite track from its numerous charmers.

Like the sad but danceable Break of Day or Judy, where lead Jason Brown reminisces sweetly, “It’s been so long since you went away, but I can still feel us out on the dance floor…”

We checked in with Jason earlier this week -- over AIM during our respective lunch breaks -- in order to learn more about where the band’s been and where they’re headed next.

nightfur: Ok.
nightfur: I'm here.
RFSL: Great. Where do you work, Jason?
nightfur: I'm the researcher on a really amazing Universal film based on a popular children’s book series.
nightfur: but I'm switching films Monday for a new gig with the Zemeckis gang.
nightfur: Things are crazy busy these days.
RFSL: Ahhh.
RFSL: Is that how you ended up out here?
nightfur: film
nightfur: Yeah.
nightfur: For the past few years mostly working on these performance capture films like Beowulf and Monster House. Although I worked as a producer at MTV Networks when I first started.
nightfur: Fun for a day job.
RFSL: What's your main goal? Film or music?
nightfur: I'd say I follow both paths simultaneously...
nightfur: bouncing one off of the other.
nightfur: I actually am directing my first feature length indie in 2007.
nightfur: 2008.
nightfur: I mean!
RFSL: Excellent. What's it called?
nightfur: I named the band after that project actually.
nightfur: Nightfur.
RFSL: So, I guess you're doing all the music for it?
nightfur: Some of our tunes explain some of the back story, etc.
RFSL: What's the story? What's the name from?
nightfur: I will write tunes for it. Score, too.
nightfur: However we are working to assemble a soundtrack right now with some larger artists.
nightfur: Nightfur is the name of a rather important element in the story.
nightfur: It is a surreal romance film
nightfur: Creighton Barrett in Band Of Horses will play one of the lead roles (tour schedule permitting).
RFSL: So you wrote the script for the film first and then came up with the band?
nightfur: Well, about a year ago I was kicking around some new song ideas and also was writing this screenplay with Jeter Rhodes. So you could say they kind of fed off of each other... Yes, Nightfur was the movie before it was the band name.
RFSL: So, how did the band come together?
nightfur: I had played with Matt Groller (drums) in a prior band [and] we soon found a positive creative connection. We branched out on our own, forming the group. We continually collaborate on other art projects too.
nightfur: He's this amazing painter that's done pieces for Rolling Stone and Playboy, just to name some... So you can imagine the kind of creative mind Matt is.
nightfur: Skot Gillies (bass) is a childhood friend of Matt's, so the two share some deep history. I think that is an important element of our band. You just can't beat jamming with a drummer and bass player who go way back. They can read each other's minds.
RFSL: So, you've been playing out since February?
nightfur: Yes.
RFSL: Who did you record the album with? What was the process like?
nightfur: I used pro tools and a Tascam 4-track…
nightfur: An assortment of mics…
nightfur: Did some interesting stuff to the drums with wooden panels…
RFSL: So it was pretty low-tech.
nightfur: Yes, but I feel that actually helped support the sound style we were aiming for. I love classic rock and oldies and thought "Damn, we have better gear than what The Beatles used for Rubber Soul". So I actually would have been happier with even lower tech gear.
nightfur: If you nerd out too much while recording, I feel it's easy to lose touch with the emotion that comes out while playing. You end up memorizing the moves too much.
RFSL: You prefer it to be more organic.
nightfur: Yes, organic for sure.
nightfur: After all, one doesn't calculate the sound of their laughter or the timing of their tears, do they?
RFSL: I've been describing you guys as having a 60s psyche rock sound. Would you say that's appropriate?
nightfur: Sure, I'd describe it how you see it.
nightfur: Or hear it I should say…
nightfur: I'm not sure how psyche we really are, but people have said that before.
RFSL: What is it about that period in music that clicks for you?
nightfur: I tend to enjoy music with a touch of innocence, that seems to be sheltering a much deeper mysterious source.
nightfur: I feel that a lot of the music of the 50's and 60's sounded just like that…
nightfur: Maybe it was from oppression? Or social awakening?
nightfur: I'm a big fan of harmonies.
nightfur: Vocal or guitar.
nightfur: Sometimes I don't want to lean so vintage-heavy, but its hard to get away from when its' all you listen to.
RFSL: Who are some of your favorite artists from that time?
nightfur: Wow. Well, my favorite artists list isn't that different from what you’d expect.
nightfur: The Beatles, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, The Kinks, Cream…
nightfur: I'm also a big Tom Petty fan, Zappa, early Genesis…
nightfur: but there are some great bands coming up these days…
nightfur: Many that are showcased through RFSL.
RFSL: Which bands?
nightfur: I listen to a lot of Lucy Langlas. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with her recently and it’s just been an amazing experience. We plan to release some music very soon. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians and The Karabal Nightlife are some other groups we play with frequently who share many of the same influences. Jesse Davis actually played bass with us recently at a Bordello gig. He’s amazingly talented.
RFSL: Oh, meant to ask you earlier... What's the name of the band from?
nightfur: The band is named after a feature length film I will direct in 2008.
RFSL: Oh, I mean, what does it mean?
nightfur: oh
nightfur: Well, let's see.
nightfur: I suppose I should ask "what does it mean to you?"
RFSL: People seem to take it as being vaguely sexual in nature.
nightfur: I see that for sure.
nightfur: However that wasn't entirely intended, but one of the draws of those two words combined.
RFSL: What's next for you guys?
nightfur: I've have many new songs written and I plan to make a slight change of style for our next release. It may be more acoustic-oriented, a bit less "in your face." However, there will be lots of interesting sounds for people to check out for sure. I’m planning for a lot more female voices.
nightfur: Change is good, right?
RFSL: Definitely.
RFSL: Cool. Well, thanks for your time, Jason.
nightfur: Thanks. My pleasure.

- Circles MP3

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The LA Times Names The Top Three Bands Of 2008

You're probably already familiar with LA Times writer Kevin Bronson's Buzz Bands Blog, but if you're not, you should be cause you'd be hard to find another music writer who is more in touch than that guy.

His cover story on the top new acts in LA can be found right here and, for my part, I think he's completely on the money naming The Deadly Syndrome, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Castledoor.

- Interview: The Airborne Toxic Event
- Mini-Interview: The Deadly Syndrome
- Mini-Interview: Castledoor

Band Of The Week: The Bentleys

If you suffer from indie pop addiction, you should probably ask your doctor if San Fernando Valley’s The Bentleys are right for you…

They’re young and nice and just punk rock enough, cite The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and Weezer as influences, and like to note that there are at least three Deloreans on Ebay at any given time.

The worth-keeping-an-eye-on group currently have an EP out and recorded seven new songs over the summer. They plan to put more down soon, then sort out how to release them in, as they put it, this “post-In Rainbows world.”

Their next shows include House of Brews this Saturday, the Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club on Sunday, the San Fernando Station on November 3rd, and The Scene with The Valley Arena on November 14th.

- Ghosts Like Us MP3

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Independent!: The Aftermath

On a scale of good to rad, last night's Let's Independent! event at Boardner's with Lo-Fi Sugar, Nightfur, and Light FM clearly made it over into the rad category. I'm still recovering.

Many thanks to everyone who played, help promote the show, and the surprisingly large number of folks who came -- what with all the big name concerts going on and all. It was kind of teh ossum...

Muchas gracias to Lawyer Jed for his guerilla pic skills.

Monday, October 22, 2007

FREE SHOW: Let's Independent! w/ Light FM, Nightfur, & Lo-Fi Sugar Tuesday Night

One final reminder for our FREE event at Boardner's on Tuesday w/ Lo-Fi Sugar, Nightfur, and Light FM -- the latter two of which will both be celebrating the release of new CD.

Read all the details and hear tracks from all three acts right here.

Many thanks to Christine Hale for the best flier ever...

The Monday Show Low Down (Or “We Do What We Must Because We Can...”)

While I missed more shows than I caught last week cause of work, it was still a pretty amazing concert run just between seeing Bob Mould play the loudest acoustic performance I’ve ever seen at The Roxy and watching The Happy Hollows practically end the world at The Wiltern.

But this week? It could be even better.

Monday, October 22
- Oliver Future, Something For Rockets, & Burning Brides @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Castledoor, Twilight Sleep, The Monolators, & The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra @ The Echo (FREE)
- Aushua, Eastern Conference Champions, Safetyglass, & Summer Darling @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ I Make This Sound, Ultra Sonic Edukators, Rademacher, & Model K @ The Viper Room
- Legs on Sale, New Faith, Down We Go, & Kill Detail @ The Scene (FREE)
- Limbeck @ The Hotel Café
- The ALS, Phineas Gauge, & The Campaign For Real Time @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Adeline, Tables & Chairs, & Angela Correa is Correatown @ Echo Curio
- The Fiery Furnaces @ The Troubadour

It's a night of tough calls, show-wise. The rad Castledoor have The Monolators and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra at their free residency night at Spaceland ... the Echo Curio show sounds great ... and the always good Rademacher are in town at The Viper Room.

Tuesday, October 23
- Let’s Independent! w/ Light FM, Nightfur, & Lo-Fi Sugar @ Boardner’s of Hollywood (FREE)
- All Wrong And The Plans Change & Kingsize @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Jesus & Mary Chain w/ Mark Lanegan & Evan Dando @ The Wiltern
- Holly Marilyn, John Gold, & Strangers Smile @ Bordello
- Jill Sobule @ Largo
- Black Mountain & The Cave Singers @ The Echo
- Blue Jungle, Red Bacteria Vacuum (Japan), Falsies on Heat, & Las Pantuflas @ The Scene (FREE)
- Tokyo Police Club @ The El Rey
- Man Man @ The Troubadour
- Ranch Party with Merle Jagger, Honky Tonk Train (feat. Mitch Marine), The WellDiggers Banquet @ SpacelandBR> - The Moving Units @ The Viper Room
- Interpol & Liars @ The Forum

We've got a pretty amazing night planned for our Let's Independent! event at Boardner's this Tuesday... It's a CD release party for Light FM and Nightfur -- and I've heard their advances and they're both great. Lo-Fi Sugar is opening up the show and their lead Heather Pollock recently sang for thousands of people in Central Park with Paul Van Dyk.

It's FREE and if you haven't heard some or all of the bands before, it's a good opportunity to hear some great new music. Go right here for all the details and to hear all tracks.

Wednesday, October 24
- Halloween Bash w/ The Movies, The Happy Hollows, & The Primos @ Bordello
- Earlimart @ The Troubadour
- Band of Horses @ The Avalon
- Brandon Mayer And The Hidden Powers, Heartstring Symphony, & Kelly Demartino @ Tangier
- The Commute, Master Slash Slave, Kettle, & Rebota @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Dub Club @ The Echo
- The Waking Hours, Automatique, Beatmo, & Fangs On Fur @ El Cid
- Indie 103.1 presents CLUB NME w/ Air Traffic (from the UK) & Liam Finn @ Spaceland
- Micahel Fracasso, Claire Holley, & Andy Clockwise @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Sia @ The El Rey
- Seasons, Ghost Machinists, & Co-Op @ The Scene (FREE)
- Mum & Tom Brosseau @ The Orpheum

Another night of tough calls... The Movies and The Happy Hollows -- the two most energetic bands in town -- at The Bordello, Earlimart at The Troubadour, and Band of Horses at The Avalon.

Thursday, October 25
- The Pipettes @ The Echoplex
- Tar Volts, Electromagnetic, & Cavil At Rest @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Pedestrian, Sally Jaye, Sabrosa Purr, & The French Semester @ Bordello
- Josh Ritter @ The El Rey
- Eject, Paul Avion & Par Avion Band, The Trade, Sigmund @ The Scene
- Blonde Redhead & Autolux @ The Wiltern
- Elliott Smith Tribute Show w/ Tenlons Fort @ Canter’s
- The French Semester @ Bordello
- Club Bucthin @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Debaser (member of Friends Forever), Voice On Tape (member of The Sea Beasts), & Knight Rider @ The Smell
- Two Ton Boa, Dirt Bird, & Horse Thief @ Spaceland
- Matt Ellis @ Tangier
- The Good Life @ The Troubadour
- Gogol Bordello @ The Mayan
- The Sex Pistols @ The Roxy
- Saucy Minx & Electric Children @ Echo Curio

Blonde Redhead and Autolux sound like a pretty good night, if you've given up trying to secure tickets for The Sex Pistols at The Roxy.

Friday, October 26
- Aquarium Drunkard Presents Phosphorescent, Robert Francis, & Firs @ El Cid
- UNKLE & Goon Moon featuring Chris Goss @ The Echoplex
- Hell Yeah! @ The Echo
- Keith Walsh Experience, Multiple Now Syndrome, The Lofty Cananites, & The Shards @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Babyland, Not the Government, & System Syn @ Spaceland
- A++ (member of Foot Village), Bizzart, Casy And Brian, & The Red Hot Silly Peppers @ The Smell
- JAXArt Presents Peter and the Wolf, Birds & Batteries, Ghost Bees, & Foot Foot @ Pehrspace
- "Get Yer Rocks Off!" Halloween Spooktacular with Far*Out & Shiloe @ The Scene
- Club Underground w/ Monsters Are Waiting & War Tapes @ The Echo
- Caribou @ The Troubadour

It's the battle of the blogs on Friday night, with Rock Insider presenting a killer line-up at Pehrspace and Aquarium Drunkard presenting a line-up I don't know anything about but geesh that guy knows a lot about music at El Cid.

Saturday, October 27
- The Softlightes @ The Scene
- The Donnas @ The Roxy
- Outre @ Pehrspace
- Blue Mask, Mad Lovers, The Fleagles, Motorcycle Black Madonnas, Backbiter, & The Beggars @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Captain Ahab, Copy, Atole, & I.E. @ The Smell
- David Kilgour & Euros Childs (Gorky’s) @ The Echoplex
- Deadbolt, The Ghastly Ones, & The Killdevils @ The Echo
- Richard Buckner, David Dondero, War Children @ Spaceland
- 1990s & The Airborne Toxic Event @ The Troubadour

Not too much going on on Saturday night besides an good opportunity to see The Airborne Toxic Event open for The 1990s at The Troubadour.

Sunday, October 28
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ The Nixes, The Bentleys, & Tremellow @ All-Star Lanes
- Pinback @ The Wiltern
- Teaneck, The Numbers Station, The Loving, & Flashing Red Lights @ The Scene
- Josh Ottum, The One AM Radio, & Tara Busch @ Tangier
- Hot Hot Heat @ The Henry Fonda
- Pantuflas, Hard Place, & Blue Jungle @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Child Abuse, Upsilon Acrux, & Bipolar Bear @ The Smell
- Neil Hamburger & Friends @ Spaceland
- Grand Ol’ Echo pres Mike Stinson, Old California, Triple Chicken Foot, & Madam Pamita @ The Echo
- Roky Erickson & The 1990s @ The El Rey
- Final Fantasy @ The Troubadour

If Pinback at The Wiltern sounds like just too much money, even though you love them, there's the fun pop music with The Bentleys at The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mini-Interview: Light FM

There’s something about perfect pop music that’s an art form in and of itself – and moog heavy act Light FM are some of its most devoted local practitioners.

We’re hosting the group’s CD release event at Let’s Independent! at Boardner’s next Tuesday – along with psyche pop group Nightfur and the pleasantly experimental Lo-Fi Sugar – so we checked in with lead Josiah Mazzaschi to discuss the band’s past, present, and future.

josiah: Hi Joe!
RFSL: Hey!
RFSL: How's it going?
josiah: Good. Just waiting for the CD's to be delivered!
RFSL: Right on. Kind of exciting, eh?
josiah: Most def!
RFSL: So, you have time to do this?
josiah: Certainly
RFSL: Cool. I just scarfed down a mango tofu burrito, so am all set. (That sounds so butch.)
josiah: Right on, Are you vegetarian?
RFSL: Most of the time...
josiah: Cool. Me. too!
RFSL: So, you’re originally from Chicago?
josiah: No, I moved to Chicago to go to The School of the Art Institute. I'm originally from Boston.
RFSL: Ahhh. But you began Light FM when you were there, right? How did it start?
josiah: Light FM began after the demise of my previous band Motorhome back in Chicago. I became a hermit and really got into home recording.
josiah: I pictured Light FM a futuristic pop band embracing technology and creating perfect pop songs. Lyrically, most of the songs definitely explored my deep fascination with death. I was in a pretty dark place after Motorhome's breakup and I had never really been alone in my life. It really helped me identify with myself by exploring myself musically.
josiah: I’ve never been good with expressing myself vocally. I feel I can express my feelings through music.
RFSL: What happened to Motorhome?
josiah: Well, basically I was dating the bass player/singer and once we broke up the band broke up.
josiah: Laura the drummer from Motorhome lives here and we're still good pals.
RFSL: So, there's a certain dichotomy between Light FM being this upbeat pop band and exploring death in your lyrics. How does that work?
josiah: I guess it's ironic that the music is pretty upbeat and the lyrics are dark. The same with our name. A lot of people think [our name implies] we sound like Celine Dion but we are a much heavier indie rock band. I guess I don't like being labeled. I like being mysterious. A lot of people think our shows are being sponsored by a soft rock station when our name is on the Marquee. I think that's why I really like our band name because you can't really put a finger on us. I have ADD so my attention span is all over the place.....kind of like our music.
RFSL: So, you were doing a lot of home recording and built the band up around that?
josiah: Basically, I've always recorded my friend's bands as well. I have a lot of material and am always writing. I recorded some demos and started getting some airplay on local Chicago stations and had a couple of write-ups in local papers. This made it easier for me to find musicians to play with.
RFSL: And how did that lead you to move out here? Did everyone move with you, too?
josiah: Well, Light FM was offered a record deal and the band I was playing with were not willing to tour at all. They all had really good jobs, mortgages, kids, etc. I had been working so hard to reach that point and when it came down to it we weren't ready. I had always liked Los Angeles when I came to visit. I have a brother here. So, it all made sense...
josiah: I moved to Los Angeles a little over two years ago. My bass player and good friend Brian Barbier moved here shortly after. I knew Harry Trumfio from our days back in Chicago so, we started getting together and playing. It was working out really great. We had all our synths on an ipod. That became a real drag. We then hooked up with keyboardist and California native Kim Haden.
josiah: Kim's been playing with us since February of this year. We are a complete band now! We've been doing short road trips up north and trying to expand our fan base. We plan on touring much more in the future.
josiah: Brian moved from Chicago to LA to continue playing in the band.
RFSL: You self-released?
josiah: Yes, we self-released it through our fictitious label called Electronic Battleship. Minty Fresh records does all our digital distribution and TV placement.
josiah: We're definitely free agents though!
RFSL: Cool. So, how long have you been at work at the new album? How is it different from the last?
josiah: Before I moved out here I tried to unleash every song I had in the studio. We had basically recorded our sophomore effort but I felt the songs were inconsistent with what the band's doing right now. I had taken a couple of songs from the sophomore CD and a couple of songs I had recorded here in Los Angeles and decided to release an EP. I think just because you've recorded a song doesn't necessarily mean you have to release it. A couple of those tunes are on my personal Myspace page if anyone wants to check them out. I have a bunch more in the works that I think is the strongest material I have ever written. Kevin Bronson called me a Tweaker. I am constantly tweaking stuff!
josiah: Man, I've had a lot of caffeine.
RFSL: Ha! Are you playing any of that new material out or holding off for now?
josiah: Yes! We've been starting to and it seems to be going over really well.
RFSL: How do you like living here now? Because you have that song about moving out to California "where there is no attitude."
josiah: I love living here! Before I lived here I didn't understand the large population of sad indie goth hipsters. I thought to myself, "How could anyone possibly be sad when the weather is so amazing everyday?" I think I am starting to understand why those kids are so sad. They all want to be rockstars and movie stars and dreams are seriously crushed here. And it's expensive. And there's lot's of attitude.
josiah: I am still finding a lot of legitimately nice and "real" people out here. I like to keep it "real". But, all in all I am really happy here. I am happy to be playing with my band. They are the bestest.
RFSL: Yeah, there are a lot of amazing folks in the whole Los Feliz - Silver Lake - Echo Park - Eagle Rock etc area.
RFSL: Just so you stay out of Hollywood, basically!
josiah: Most def.
RFSL: The album comes out next Tuesday and you're playing the CD Release Event that we're hosting at Boardner's. (Shameless plug for FREE show!) What's next for you after that?
josiah: Well, we're playing a bunch of shows with our good friends Rademacher. We went up north and played Fresno, Sacramento, and Reno with them. It was a lot of fun. I won $1500 on the slots in Reno! We all went out for steaks, lobsters, and champagne after. We're playing Vegas, Fresno, and SF. I am working on some new recordings and want to release another full length ASAP. I plan on being a professional gambler while on the road. I think there's a good future in my gambling.
RFSL: That's great!
RFSL: I didn't know you could be a professional slot player.
RFSL: I'm thinking about becoming a professional bowler after bowling a 217 earlier this week.
josiah: There's only a few of us out there. Man, that's great!
josiah: Have you gone to Shatto Lanes?
RFSL: Yeah, that place is kind of great. Like a huge time capsule. Same thing with All-Star Lanes in Eagle Rock.
RFSL: (We're helping put on a show there on Halloween with a bunch of bands. And you get a free game and shoe rental.)
josiah: They have Ms. Pac-man and Jr. Pac-Man at Shatto. I've yet to go to Eagle Rock Lanes. I work right down the street from there.
RFSL: Cool. Well, I should wrap up and stop taking up your time.
RFSL: Last question...
RFSL: Who are you listening to these days?
josiah: I downloaded the new Radiohead. I haven't worn it out yet. I listen to a lot of the bands we play with. Tiger's Can Bite You, Earlimart, Rademacher, etc. I like Tegan and Sara, TV on the Radio, Autolux, Blonde Redhead, Grandaddy, etc.
josiah: I want to listen to more R and B and booty bass and incorporate that more into my music.
RFSL: Cool. That's all I've got. Thanks so much for your time, Josiah.
josiah: Thanks!

- Sleepy Hollow MP3
- Save The Drama MP3
- 16 Below MP3

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Katrina Benefit Show At Little Radio On Friday

There's a last minute benefit show at Little Radio this Friday to raise money for people left out of the Katrina reconstruction efforts -- and the line-up is pretty much a cast of local all-stars. It includes The Movies, The Henry Clay People, Le Switch, and many more. (Rumor is the "special guest" might be the lady from Giant Drag...)

It starts early (7PM) and runs late (2AM) with all the bands doing quick half an hour sets. It's twelve bucks for the 21+ set at The Little Radio Warehouse downtown. Hope to see you there since we know you love fun.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FREE Tickets: Bob Mould Tonight!

We're giving away a few pairs of tickets for tonight's Bob Mould show at The Roxy... It's part of Filter's Revenge Of The Sunset Strip series and celebrates the release of his live DVD with a peek at it followed by a live performance of songs from his solo work, Sugar, and Husker Du and Q & A session.

It pretty much promises to be a fucking amazing little evening with one of the most influential indie rock musicians ever. (What? Were you going to watch "Must See TV" or something?)

Update: They're gone! Tickets are $12 and it starts early, if you still want to come out... See you there tonight.

- Could You Be The One? MP3

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Le Switch, Great Northern, Gram Rabbit, & Band of Horses

Sorry for the late post. We went out for Mexican food and bowling at work today and three margaritas, two beers, and a 217 game later and it's practically five o'clock in the frigging afternoon...

Anyway, it used to be that I had a simple band crush on Le Switch, but after seeing this video for the song Crazy, I kind of want to marry them now.

Local act Great Northern have released a new video, this one for the track Low Is A Height.

Here’s another video for Gram Rabbit culled from footage of them playing their recent residency at Spaceland.

And I haven’t listened to anything from Band Of Horses' new release, but here’s a video for one of the tracks on it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Monday Show Low Down (Or “Just What We Need, A Monument To Hooliganism”)

The secret show with Xu Xu Fang and The Warlocks on Saturday night at the Little Radio Warehouse was home to the most excessive use of smoke machine I’ve ever seen. Xu Xu Fang’s opening set was probably what it must be like for birds when they fly into a cloud.

There was more fog than in John Carpenter’s The Fog...

Anyway, here’s a look at this week in shows in LA.

Monday, October 15
- Castledoor, Princeton, Austin James Band, & Hearts of Palm UK @ The Echo (FREE)
- Aushua, Venus Infers, Mary Trembles, & Intercooler @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Oliver Future & 5 O’Clock Somewhere @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ The Mae Shi, Xu Xu Fang, & Team Facelift @ The Viper Room
- Jimmy Eat World @ The El Rey
- Delta Spirit & We Barbarians @ The Troubadour
- Black Francis & Eastern Conference Champions @ Safari Sam's
- PJ Harvey @ Orpheum
- Limbeck @ The Hotel Café
- The Harpeth Trace, Kind Hearts & Coronets, & Monster @ Bordello
- Patrick Wolf @ The Troubadour
- The ALS, Doug Stewart and his autoharp o'fire, & Listing Ship @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Boris & Damon & Naomi @ The Echoplex
- Rilo Kiley, The Bird and The Bee, & Grand Ole Party @ The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Tonight’s probably the best line-up of the month for the Castledoor residency at Spaceland. Princeton and Hearts of Palm UK are great, I hear good things about the Austin James Band, and Castledoor are fantastic live. (On the west side, Xu Xu Fang are teh ossum.)

Tuesday, October 16
- Patrick Wolf @ The El Rey
- Tom Brouseau @ Largo
- presents: Matthew Dear’s Big Hand & Mobius Band@ The Echo
- Jimmy Eat World @ The El Rey
- The Bird & The Bee @ Amoeba Music (FREE – 7PM)
- Figurines & Dappled Cites @ Spaceland
- Priscilla Ahn, Oh Dorian, & Devon Sproule & Paul Curreri @ Bordello
- Jessie Deluxe, Old Growth, Science of Yabra, & Cubicle @ The Silver Lake Lounge

I’ve got nothing for Tuesday night. Maybe you could add comments with any recommendations?

Wednesday, October 17
- Matt & Kim @ The Troubadour
- Duchess Of Tek, Hurt Model, Solar Wimp, & Guam @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Dub Club @ The Echoplex
- Dirt Bird @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Kiss Or Kill w/ Present Tense, The Mulhollands, Beatmo, & The Man @ El Cid
- Missy Higgins @ The Hotel Café
- Indie 103.1 presents CLUB NME w/ The Subways, Mobius Band, & Blackmarket @ Spaceland
- Jimmy Eat World @ Best Buy (West Hollywood)
- Storehouse, Carla Bozulich, Pocahaunted, & Metal Rouge @ The Smell
- Jessica Hoop & Matt Pond PA @ The Troubadour
- Filter's Revenge of the Sunset Strip Feat Bob Mould @ The Roxy

I’m a huge fan of Husker Du and Bob Mould’s solo work, so I’m happy to be giving away a few pairs of tickets to his DVD release event and performance at The Roxy on Thursday night. Just write us here with “BOB MOULD” in the headline and your full name to be entered in the drawing.

Thursday, October 18
- Weather Underground EP Release Party w/ The Parson Redheads, Le Switch, & Whispertown 2000 @ Spaceland
- Benefit for Kime - Entrance, Winter Flowers, Long Lost, Lavender Diamond, Blank Blue, & Animal Magik @ The Echo
- Say Hi To Your Mom & Velvet Teen @ The Troubadour
- Layer @ Bordello
- Moving Picture Show, Counsellor, & Tic Tic Boom @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- AM Sessions, Salon K, & Hippie Grenade @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Missy Higgins @ The Hotel Café
- Two Gallants & Blitzen Trapper @ The El Rey

On the West side, Say Hi To Your Mom should be, I dunno, highly entertaining at The Troubadour, while The Parson Redheads and Le Switch deliver their own unique brands of pop music to the east.

Friday, October 19
- Katrina Benefit Show w/ The Movies, Le Switch, & TBA @ Little Radio Downtown Warehouse
- Burning Brides (Acoustic) @ The Hotel Café
- Sunset Rubdown @ The El Rey
- Youth Brigade, Career Soldiers, & Monster Squad @ Safari Sam’s
- Special Guests @ Spaceland
- Grant Lee Phillips & Paul Tompkins@ Largo
- The Zookeepers, FM Bats, The Muslims, & Monsters From Mars @ The Smell
- KCRW presents: An Evening with Meshell Ndegeocello @ Echoplex
- Southern Culture On The Skids, Hillstomp, Uncle Earl @ The Echo
- Stab City, Virginia City Revival, Good To Be, & The Most Powerful Hand @ Mr T’s Bowl
- El Haru Kuroi, Adeline, Yellow Ribbon, & Suicide @ Pehrspace
- Lord Loves A Working Man @ El Cid
- Black Lips @ The Troubadour

There’s a benefit show for those left out by the Katrina reconstruction at The Little Radio Warehouse on Friday night. The line-up hasn’t been finalized yet, but The Movies and Le Switch are definite, while a few other great bands look like they’ll be signing on. More soon.

Saturday, October 20
- The Silversun Pickups, The Happy Hollows, & Midnight Movies @ The Wiltern
- The Black Lips, Pierced Arrows (Dead Moon), & The Spits @ The Echoplex
- C Is For Carlo, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, & Broaddaylight @ Club Violaine
- Meho Plaza, The Coral Sea, & The Flying Tourbilon Orchestra @ Pehrspace
- The Snow, Policy, The Spires, & Young/Adult @ The Scene
- Hang The DJs @ The Echo
- Tigermask w/ The Warlocks, The Upper Crust, The Lords of Altamont, The Amplifires, VesuviaSonic @ Safari Sam’s
- E.S.P.S., The Makes Nice (ex-member of The Fucking Champs), & Thee Makeout Party @ The Smell
- Lucero @ The El Rey
- Ready Steady A Gogo, Hello Operators, The Midnight Shakes, & The Commotions @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Jessica Fichot @ The Skirball Center
- Missy Higgins @ Borders (Hollywood)
- West Indian Girl @ Spaceland
- Right Hand Band, Tek Support, Regime Noir, & Head of Destiny!!! @ The Cocaine
- Dr Dog @ The Troubadour

If you’re missing the sold-out shows with The Silversun Pickups and The Happy Hollows at The Wiltern and Dr Dog at The Troubadour, there are some nice evenings planned at The Scene, Spaceland, and Pehrspace.

Sunday, October 21
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ The Nixes, Brandon Mayer and the Hidden Powers, Bedroom Walls @ All-Star Lanes
- Bishop Allen, The Donkeys, & Jeff Klein @ The Echo
- David Fuentes Benefit @ The El Rey
- My Pet Saddle, Dirt Dress, Tenlons Fort, Austria, & Liz Pappademas @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Hello Menno, Service Group, Oh My God, & The French Semester @ Safari Sam’s
- Ken Andrews & Charlotte Martin @ The Troubadour
- Josh Ottum, The Other Also, & Good Luck Bear @ Tangier
- The Hard Goodbye @ The Good Hurt
- Pierced Arrows (Fred and Toody of Dead Moon) & Jail Weddings @ Spaceland
- The Go Team, Grand Ole Party, & Bodies of Water @ The Echoplex

Bedroom Walls… Tenlons Fort… Bodies of Water… Who can decide?

That’s all. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ticket Giveaway: The Airborne Toxic Event Tonight

Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story... We've got a few pairs of tickets to give away to The Airborne Toxic Event show tonight at The Echoplex in scenic, downtown Echo Park.

To be entered for the drawing, write us here with "AIRBORNE" in the subject line and with your full name... UPDATE: Sorry! They're gone! Hope to see you there tonight.

- Interview: The Airborne Toxic Event
- Mini-Interview: The Airborne Toxic Event

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: The Prix, Bat For Lashes, & Le Rev

There are times when writing an intro for a post about a bunch of videos -- which are unrelated save for the fact that they're great songs and/or are visually appealing -- feels difficult to pull off or at least mildly absurd.

At any rate, I've got Kevin Bronson from The LA Times Buzz Bands Blog to thank for recommending The Prix, who are probably neck-in-neck with The Little Ones for the title of "Most Upbeat Live Act In Town." They're a bit more influenced by 60s French pop though, which I'm a complete sucker for.

Did you see Bat For Lashes play at their sold-out show earlier this week? I went to their night at Spaceland at few months back but left before they played because I was feeling idiosyncratic. Kind of, um, regret that now...

And for those of you who heart seeing local landmarks in your videos, you can see unwashed hipster haunt Little Joy featured prominently in this clip from Le Rev.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Save The Date: The Next Let’s Independent! Announced

Roughly two weeks from now, Los Angeles will be home to an event that could quite possibly change the face of live music here in North America forever...

And that show will be our next Let’s Independent! night at Boardner’s with moog pop act Light FM, psychedelic snake charmers Nightfur, and experimental fun of Lo-Fi Sugar -- whose singer recently returned from playing for an audience of thousands in Central Park with Paul Van Dyk.

Haven’t heard some or all of the bands before? Well, maybe it’s high time you did, since the door will run you free-fifty-free and it’s a CD release event for both Light FM and Nightfur.

So, make no other plans than coming out to Boardner’s on Tuesday, October 23rd for the party that walks like a show.

(Whew. Writing like an indie rock carnival barker like that is seriously exhausting... But honestly, it should be a really fun night. Click here to hear tracks from all three bands.)

Photo by

Monday, October 08, 2007

New Releases: Exitmusic, Band of Horses, Beirut, Fiery Furnaces, & More

Local husband/wife duo Exitmusic put their debut album The Decline Of The West out today, and it's full of shambly, circular beats and breathy vocals from a genre probably best described as “other.”

They’re appearing on KXLU 88.9 FM on Wednesday afternoon at five, then playing later that night at Tangier.

On the national front, a few heavy hitters arrive in stores this week. (Then this Wednesday, there’s a digital release for some band called Radiohead...)

Band of Horses – Cease To Begin
Beirut – The Flying Club Cup
Enon - Mirror On You
Fiery Furnaces – Widow City
Jens Lekman – Night Falls Over Kortedala
Scout Niblett - This Fool Can Die Now
The Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche
Polysics - Polysics or Die
The Raveonettes – Lust Lust Lust
She Wants Revenge – This Is Forever
Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bangers and Cash
Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover

Last week’s releases other than Division Day’s Beartrap Island included albums from The 1900s (not The 1990s, they’re a pretty solid pop band from Chicago), PJ Harvey, Sunset Rubdown, Mick Jagger, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, David Byrne, Cake, Merle Haggard, Sondre Lerche, Nico Vega, Dashboard Confessional, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti, and more.