Wednesday, November 26, 2008

REMINDER: The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Princeton, Obi Best, & I Make This Sound Tonight

Tonight, ISGOODMUSIC is putting on a FREE show at The Echo with The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Princeton, Obi Best, and I Make This Sound (and I'm djing local music between sets). You should come. Here are some videos for all four groups...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Belated Spotlight on The Western States Motel & The Monolators

Last night marked the end of The Western States Motel and The Monolators' residencies -- at Spaceland and Pehrspace, respectively -- and, well, here are some interview links and videos which we probably should have posted yesterday or before...


On their first album: "I started in on some recordings I intended to use as a score for this short film that was bouncing around my head, but I eventually ditched the film idea, and slowly shifted my focus to actual songs with vocals and all that. I recently enlisted a couple of friends to play the songs live, and now we're a band."

On their new EP: "The new ones all came about here in LA. Basically the same deal in terms of working at home, but we were able to record the drums sort of under-the-radar at a somewhat legitimate recording studio in Hollywood."


On their beginnings: "We started as a three-piece back in, let’s see, 2002. We were very, very different then. I was the bass player, and a friend of ours, Mike, played guitar. He was big into rockabilly and we had much more of a retro/surf kind of sound. We recorded our first record (in our garage) with Mike and it very much had that sound."

On their new EP: "I tried to write something that was kind of a gentle reprimand to Los Angeles. Basically complaining about people not dancing--the typical east side 'we're too cool to dance' type of scene.."

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Monday Show Down (Or "Field Commander Cohen, He Was Our Most Important Spy...")

Sure, it's Thanksgiving weekend coming up, but there are still a few really good shows going on -- especially on Wednesday night.

Too bad nothing is going on the actual day of since it's always good to have something to sneak off to after the family gathering breaks. (At least, if the tryptophan doesn't make you pass out on the couch... )

Monday, November 24
- The Western States Motel, Marching Band (From Sweden), The Voyeurs, Tigers Can Bite You @ Spaceland (FREE & DJ set by Radio Free Silver Lake)
- WEAVE, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Crooked Cowboy, Fawnhawk @ The Echo (FREE)
- Patton Oswalt @ Largo
- The Decemberists @ The Wiltern
- Jake LaBotz, Joe Buck Yourself w/ Capt. Sean Wheeler @ Redwood Bar
- Sean Carnage Presents The Monolators, Milton Melvin Croissant, Kevin Shields, Ema & the Ghosts, & Icy Demons @ Spaceland
- Lucy Stussy Presents: CANDICE PILLAY, gifMajorz!, Open Mike Eagle, Cherri Mob + more @ The Airliner
- His Orchestra, Japanese Motors, Juliet Piper, & Yellow Red Sparks @ The Silver Lake Lounge

It's the last night of both The Western States Motel residency at Spaceland and The Monolators at Pehrspace. Both should be great fun. Hopefully, you've already been to one of their nights so you don't have to make a tough call here. (BTW: I'm djing between sets at the former.)

Tuesday, November 25
- Red Maids, Killsonic, Dorian Wood, & The Fuckin Kennies @ Mr T’s Bowl
- David Lynch @ Amoeba Music (6:30PM)
- Danger Bees, So Many Wizards, Czech Summer, & Dr. Yes @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Rock and Roll Means Well: the Hold Steady and Drive-By Truckers @ The Wiltern
- Gary Jules @ The Hotel Café
- Giant State @ The Troubadour
- Deer Hunter w/ New Times Viking @ The El Rey
- Mike Stinson & Dave Gleason @ Redwood Bar
- Echo & Indie 103 present Check One Twosday: Rosebuds, Jonah Ray, Lemon Sun, Dazzler @ Echoplex

Some good bigger shows going on Tuesday night with some talented out-of-towners, but if you're curious about checking out new bands, you might want to try Mike Corwin's latest group Red Maids over at Mr T's Bowl.

Wednesday, November 26
- The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, I Make This Sound, Obi Best, & Princeton @ The Echo
- Dub Club @ Echoplex
- FTW and Filter Magazine present STAB CITY & Paging Beto @ The Redwood Bar
- Evangenitals, We You, & Under The Astbury @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Matthew Sweet @ The El Rey
- Pierce The Veil @ The Troubadour
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with: Circus Minor @ Spaceland
- My Brightest Diamond @ The Hotel Café
- Mevansa, Cue The Moon, & Melanoid @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Low End Theory Thanksgiving Spectacular @ The Airliner
- Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Party - special guests.. @ 3 of Clubs

The line-up at The Echo on Wednesday night -- The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, I Make This Sound, Obi Best, and Princeton -- is both staggering in its radness and FREE.

Friday, November 28
- The Melvins @ The Troubadour
- Security Productions, Kamikaze, Snake Tits, Vatikin Radio, Tijuana Knife Fight, & Master Cylinder @ Mr T’s Bowl

Anyone have any recommendations for Friday night?

Saturday, November 29
- Seasons, Marvelous Toy, Collisions, Downtown Union, Ghost Machinists @ Crane's
- The Hungry Beat Dance Party @ Pehrspace
- Analog + 80’s electro dance club @ The Echo
- M83 @ The Henry Fonda Theatre
- Holly Golightly and the Broke-Offs, Frank Fairfield @ Spaceland
- Harlem, Hunx and His Punx, & Bridez @ The Smell
- Franco Near Death, The DeepSea Goes, & more @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz

French shoegaze act M83 are definitely worth checking out at The Henry Fonda, but again, if you're keeping an ear out for new local groups, Franco Near Death's track Worrywart shows they have promise. And RFSL favorite Marvelous Toy heads up a five act line-up w/ Seasons, Downtown Union, and more over at Crane's Tavern that night, too.

Sunday, November 30
- Surgeon Marta, Hello From Reno, Waterlaso, The Beeters, JR, & All Destroyed Moments @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Azure Ray & Whispertown 2000 @ The Troubadour
- Neil Hamburger @ Spaceland
- demo team,hi, my name is guy,voice on tape,flowers and bulls @ The Scene
- Alex & Sam @ The Hotel Café
- Blitzen Trapper & The Parson Red Heads @ The Echo
- Charlie Wadhams & All Spots To Black @ Tangier

Upbeat and folky, Portland's Blitzen Trapper and LA's The Parson Red Heads go pretty well together...

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please let me know.

Friday, November 21, 2008

There's No Morale To The Story, It's Just A Bunch Of Stuff That Happened...

Four years isn't really a long time, but much has changed in local music. Not long after I first moved here, the bands that comprised the loosely-affiliated Ship Collective -- a number of LA acts who recorded or practiced at or near Eagle Rock's The Ship Studios -- were still playing around here regularly.

You might go out to Spaceland and see The Silversun Pickups open up for Earlimart on a Tuesday night. Alex Church from Sea Wolf was still playing with Irving, though from time to time on with his own act at smaller shows at El Cid and the like. I even remember a night at The Silver Lake Lounge where Great Northern performed for about a dozen people, while a drunken regular kept wandering up to the stage and tapping out the beat on Rachel Stolte's keyboard, before the bartender would kindly escort him back to the bar.

Meanwhile, a group of six or seven acts across town had formed a collective they called Central Second, based off of the location of the small venue (The Cocaine at Live Jazz) they put on shows at near the intersection of Central and Second avenues. They were made up of Death To Anders, The Transmissions, One Trick Pony, The Happy Hollows, and more. (The Henry Clay People joined them later on.)

Both collectives kind of defied what people generally think of Los Angeles... Instead of the "I got mine, fuck you, every crumb for himself" attitude that folks connect with LA, they supported each other. If one group got a show, they'd invite others to play. If someone got interviewed, they'd mention the others.

These days, most of the acts are headlining shows, either in town or across the country, so you're lucky to see them on a bill together. Some of them rarely play around here anymore at all, unless it's a stealth solo performance at a friend's residency.

But they managed to lay a really great groundwork so that new groups keep coming in and find it just a little bit easier. And the music scene here has kept replenishing itself because not only do we keep getting good acts, but good people as well.

As a guy who moved here basically on accident around that time, I'm glad to have seen and heard some small part of it. I kind of wish someone had chronicled it all because, while it's not hardly over, it was kind of amazing to witness...

- Mini-Interview: Earlimart
- Mini-Interview: The Silversun Pickups
- Interview: The Central Second Collective Pt 1
- Interview: The Central Second Collective Pt 2

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: Army Navy, The Deadly Syndrome, & The Happy Hollows

Here's Army Navy's new video and then a (no shit) TV Guide interview w/ live performance, a new moving picture show from much-hearted act The Deadly Syndrome, and a DIY self-interview with The Happy Hollows regarding what Randy from One Trick Pony recently jokingly called "the pyramid scheme that is CMJ."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's Independent!: The Aftermath

Yeah, I know, nostalgia kills and all. But it's hard not to look back a bit wistfully at the last two plus years of our monthly Let's Independent! event at Boardner's of Hollywood. Last night was the final one, looks like, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Automatic Drawing, The Broken Remotes, and Pizza! for not only performing amazing sets, but deciding yesterday afternoon to make the show free.

Here's a short video that Jacob Summers from The Rhone Occupation put together about the evening with footage of the event and interviews with members of One Trick Pony, Radars to the Sky, and The Monolators:

I was a bit worried that attendance would be low because of the Everest and Henry Clay People show at Echoplex and Wait Think Fast cd release event w/ Fol Chen and The Hectors at Spaceland (which I hope went really well, by the way), but it was pretty packed. There were even a few people (Manhattan Murder Mystery's Matthew Teardrop and Feed Your Head's Brad) who made it out to the first event among them.

Big thanks to the folks at Boardner's and everyone who ever came out, covered, shot, helped promote, and, most importantly, played the show, including The Movies, Great Northern, The Western States Motel, Division Day, The Happy Hollows, Thailand, Xu Xu Fang, Signal Hill, One Trick Pony, Death To Anders, Rademacher, The Transmissions, Radars to the Sky, Everest, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Tigers Can Bite You, Light FM, Wait Think Fast, The Savages, The Deadly Syndrome, Fol Chen, The Bedroom Walls, The Spires, Castledoor, Princeton, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Mezzanine Owls, Marvelous Toy, The Poor Excuses, Tandemoro, Frankel, Amnion, The Minor Canon, The Karabal Nightlife, Hearts of Palm UK, In Waves, Nightfur, Buddy, The Amateurs, EXITMUSIC, The Parson Redheads, The Hectors, Let's Go Sailing, Eagle & Talon, The French Semester, Eagle Winged Palace, The Prix, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, The Black Kites, Lo-Fi Sugar, The Soft Hands, The Lights From Here, The Black Pine, Molecules, The Bentleys, Tenlons Fort, The Hidden Hooks, The Devils Romantics, and Luke Top. (Whew.)

To think that I was worried at first about finding three good acts to fill the bill each month... Two years later, I'm a big fan of everyone who played and there a lot of groups I have in mind for future events (more on that later). Suffice to say, I love the local music scene. So many great fucking bands live and perform here...

- Artist Profile: Christine Hale

Photo by Braedon Photography.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPDATE: Let's Independent! = FREE

Now you really better come... Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, and The Broken Remotes have decided to play tonight's final Let's Independent! event at Boardner's for FREE. More HERE.

REMINDER: Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, & The Broken Remotes Tonight!

You're cordially invited to help us celebrate our last indie rock play date at Boardner's of Hollywood tonight... A new music showcase spotlighting your new favorite bands Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, and The Broken Remotes. Again, it's FREE, starts at 9PM, is 21+, and there are Dewar's drink specials all evening long. (Equals party.)

Here are links to interviews we've previously run with the bands and some MP3s, in case you right were on the fence about attending our show or going to the Chinese Democracy listening event down the lane:

AUTOMATIC DRAWING -- "We got together last June, I think. We were called Streets On Fire til about three months ago and the band has been kind of reborn since then: we added a new singer."

PIZZA! -- "ow do we make songs - we take our cat, the fattest one, and we kiss him and kiss him and kiss him. and laugh! then go to the garage and yell at each other. and whistle."

THE BROKEN REMOTES -- "After every show the first thing anyone says to me is 'Wow, Amy is amazing.' So I think technically she's the lead. She lets me stay in the band because I'm the only one who knows all the lyrics."

- Automatic Drawing's The Captain and the Sea MP3
- Pizza!'s Bird Dreams MP3
- The Broken Remotes' Lose The Swagger MP3

Rad poster by Christine Hale.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "I Assure You That Not Everyone Fears Lord Vader...")

Even if you're not directly affected by the fires in Los Angeles (and here's to hoping you're not), the air quality in town is so bad right now it's like hanging out too long in Spaceland's smoking room. I'm like the kid who had to stay home and practice violin today because I can't go running. People are walking their dogs with those little white masks on.

Topic switch: Are more people going out to shows now that the election is over? It seems like there a lot more concerts going on, at least, but that's likely just a happy accident.

Monday, November 17
- The Western States Motel, Marching Band (From Sweden), B.R.A.M. @ Spaceland (FREE)
- The Shys, Army Navy, & The Takeover UK @ The Troubadour
- Sean Carnage Presents The Monolators, Voyeurs, Fertile Crescent, & Shirley Rolls @ Pehrspace
- WEAVE, Judy Experience, Gods Gang @ The Echo
- The Breeders @ The Wiltern
- The Shys & Army Navy @ The Troubadour
- His Orchestra, The Franks, Haim, & Tandemoro @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)

The Western States Motel, Army Navy, The Monolators, and Tandemoro would make a killer line-up tonight. Too bad they're each playing different venues... D'oh!

Tuesday, November 18
- Radio Free Silver Lake Presents Let's Independent! w/ The Broken Remotes, Automatic Drawing, & Pizza! @ Boardner's of Hollywood
- Union Line, Voxhaul Broadcast, Local Natives, & The Monthlies @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Signal Hill, Charts and Maps, Soul or System, The Atma @ Mr T's Bowl
- Indie 103 present Check One Twosday: Everest, Henry Clay People, Nico Stai, Dazzler @ Echoplex
- Ludovico Einaudi @ Largo
- The Misfits @ The House of Blues
- A Sort of Homecoming @ The Troubadour
- Abe Vigoda, Love is All, Vivian Girls, & Nodzzz @ The Smell
- Wait Think Fast (CD Release Party), Fol Chen, The Hectors @ The Echo
- Jon McLaughlin @ The El Rey
- Franco Near Death, The New Room, & The Fourth Annual @ The Scene
- Mike Stinson @ Redwood Bar
- Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy Listening Event @ The Roxy
- Rachael Yamagata, Meiko, Lenka, & more @ The Henry Fonda Music Box
- Spindrift @ Amoeba Music

It's the final night of Radio Free Silver Lake's two-year plus Let's Independent! run at Boardner's of Hollywood and we're going out with a bang: a new music showcase featuring Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, and The Broken Remotes.

The $6 door goes directly to the bands, the Dewar's drink specials go right to your stomach, and the music goes, aww, straight to your heart. More details (and MP3s) right here.

Wednesday, November 19
- LA Underground Presents Angela Correa, Tenlons Fort, Daniel Ahearn, & Rachael Cantu @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Karin Tatoyan, Kissing Cousins, Seasons, & The Californian @ The Scene (FREE)
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME @ Spaceland
- Portugal The Man @ The Troubadour
- AIDS Wolf, Arrington De Dionyso, Foot Village, Bipolar Bear @ The Smell
- Miranda Lee Richards & Venus Illuminato @ Tangier
- Archways, Ballerina Black, Transfer, & The Silent Comedy @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Stab City & Ghostwriter @ Redwood Bar
- ohgr @ The El Rey
- Colin Devlin @ Largo Little Room
- Nighthorse, Trigger Renegade, High Saints @ The Echo
- LOW END THEORY @ The Airliner
- He’s My Brother She’s My Sister + Crooked Cowboy + Samantha Shelton @ 3 of Clubs

The mysterious LA Underground is putting on a quite solid singer/songwriter night over at Mr T's Bowl with Angela Correa, Tenlons Fort, Daniel Ahearn, and Rachael Cantu.

Thursday, November 20
- Kaiju Big Battel @ The Mayan
- El Guincho @ The Echo
- Filter presents: West Indian Girl, Poolabomb, The Polyamorous Affair, Tremblexy, Shakti @ Spaceland
- Jogger, Meho Plaza, Tremellow, Slair, & fast-astronauts @ The Smell
- Quetzal Guererro & The Warriors @ Redwood Bar
- Rodney Crowell & Joe Henry @ Largo
- Hyperion Tavern Old Time Jam hosted by Triple Chicken Foot @ The Hyperion Tavern
- Ojo, Collapsible Mammals, & Billygoat @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Not really a show, but take a sec to consider what's going on over at The Mayan on Thursday night...

Friday, November 21
- Get Yer Rocks Off! Presents Shiloe, War Tapes, Black Kites, & The Human Value @ Spaceland
- Rodriguez with Connie Price & The Keystones, Sleepy Sun @ The Echo
- Moving Picture Show & Tic Tic Boom @ Tangier
- Medeski, Martin, & Wood @ The El Rey
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- Lucinda Williams @ The Wiltern
- The White Buffalo @ The Troubadour
- Peter’s Pool Boys Presents Japanther, Underground Railroad to Candyland, The Amazements, & Killer Dreamer @ The Smell
- Golden Animals & Starlite Desperation @ Redwood Bar
- Starburst Crystal Ensemble, Foot Foot, Big Death, & Little Teeth @ Pehrspace
- Adee & Unpoppable @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Aretha Franklin @ The House of Blues
- KSCR Presents... Daedalus, Busdriver, & Free Moral Agents @ Ground Zero at USC Campus

Too bad Jon Brion had to miss that show at Bordello a few weeks back, but here he is at Largo. There are also some interesting shows going on at Spaceland and USC Campus...

Saturday, November 22
- Cinder Cone @ Echo Curio
- imarobot @ The Echo
- Rhett Miller @ Largo
- Bring Me The Horizon @ The Troubadour
- O’Death, Le Switch, Death To Anders @ Spaceland
- Mike Watt, Gears, Chip Kinman’s PCH, Carnage Asada, & Million Kids @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Duhkha, Not the Government, Corridor, & The Antarcticans @ The Smell
- Smiling Face Down, Shaun Karma, Kings of the Wild Frontier @ Redwood Bar
- Aretha Franklin @ The House of Blues
- Other People @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz
- Agent Ribbons & Heart of Gold @ Tangier

Le Switch and Death To Anders open for NYC's interesante "gothic / country / punk" O'Death (see below) on Sat night.

Sunday, November 23
- Spiritvine & The Idyllists @ The Hotel Café
- Yeasayer @ The Troubadour
- Part Time Punks @ The Echo
- Ranchero Bros @ Largo
- Ferdinand (record release party), Double Naught Spy Car, Patrica Jacobs @ Spaceland
- Pedestrian Deposit, Wet Hair, Wounded Lion, Peaking Lights, & Temptation @ The Smell
- Brunch with Eleven Hundred Springs, The Palominos, Sarah Gayle Meech, plus special guests @ Redwood Bar
- Charlie Wadhams, Happy Stars, & Anglos @ Tangier
- Par Avion, Automatic Drawing, & Brave Girl Run @ The Airliner

Psych rock act Spirit Vine may well knock down some or all of the walls at the Hotel Cafe on Sunday night...

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lots Of Shows Going On This Weekend...

There's a few shows and special events going on this weekend I neglected to mention (or well) in previous posts...

This Friday, for instance, there's not only Eagle Winged Palace's release event at Pehrspace (where I'm djing music from local acts between sets), The Little Ones and What Made Milwaukee Famous at The Echo, and Deerhoof at The Echoplex, but the Eagle Rock Music Fest and Fuck Yeah Fest are presenting The International Noise Conspiracy, Moonrats, Slang Chickens, and Nighthorse at The Center for the Arts - Eagle Rock.

On Saturday, there's the Santa Ana Music & Arts Festival with Busdriver, Free Moral Agents, The Entrance Band, Venus Infers, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and more.

And on Sunday, there's the Part Time Punks Festival with Soft Boiled Eggies, Warpaint, Grimble Grumble, Mika Miko, The Wild Stares, Nervous Gender, The Nightengales, Savage Republic, Ariel Pink, The Muslims, Magic Bullets, Nodzz, The Urinals, Vivian Girls, Medium Medium, Love Is All, Pylon, and A Certain Ratio between The Echo and Echoplex, starting around two for the KXLU/Arthur Magazine crowd, as well as the Tigers Can Bite You & The Savages at (gasp) The Knitting Factory.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Artist Profile: Christine Hale

Los Angeles/Montreal artist Christine Hale has not only been responsible for our Let's Independent! posters for the last two years, but numerous other show fliers across the country, CD covers, and more. Much to the cheer of fans of dogs in boots, pizza, and making out.

She recently launched the site Posters With The Mosters to display all her work (and, y'know, get more), so we figured to ask her a few questions about her past/present/future.

How long have you been making art?

Since forever. (See below.)

When did you start making show posters?

Back in HS (in lil’ Joplin, Missouri) I designed a lot of posters and t-shirts for shows and plays, but about a year after I moved to L.A., The Autumn Defense asked me if they could use my artwork for a show they were having at Tangier's and after that it was officially poster party time!

What are some of your favorite show posters?

Oh, man. There are so many and they were all so much fun to make. I guess I love this one the best because it’s so funny but also really warm and childlike: A dog wearing boots that are also little dogs?! What?! Where did he buy those at? How does this even make sense? (These are the thoughts I think when I’m making the poster---questioning the reasoning for the characters actions. Haha.)

Sometimes the ideas just pop out of the blue, sometimes they relate to the band/s. Sometimes I’ll be listening to the music while I make the poster and then whatever I do, I attribute to the influence of the music too. That’s the cool part of it all because then we are all working together to influence one another with our art. I like that.

I love this one because it’s dogs totally making out!!!! Awww!!!!

And this is another Let's Independent! poster I love. I was soooooo hungry when I was making it and all I could think about was eating spaghetti so---I drew spaghetti. Hahahahaha. So fun!

One more of my favorite posters! So sweet and so many things going on: a sock dog looking for a missing sock pup? Giant blobs with gloves looking lovingly into other blob love eyes!

What other projects are you working on?

Oooh, well, I just started the poster site POSTERS WITH THE MOSTERS where I put up lots of posters and links to each of the websites for the bands that I’ve made posters for (or have been in a poster) so that not only do you get to look at the art-you can find the band too! I started the site because I love making posters but I like helping the musicians out with the posters as well---give them another way to share their music love with my art love to more people (bands can even send me a song and I’ll put it under the poster too). And I want to make a billion more, so, it’s the place to find me tinkering away and to approach me for some poster work and future collabos! :)

Most of the work I have been doing the past couple of years has been designing posters/albums/tshirts/editorials/comics etc. for musicians. Since I am a musician as well, it’s the best way I can combine my passions! And I’ve started to find ways to merge my art with my music as well---earlier this year I worked with Antonio Ringor on SYMMETRICS which took my photography and put it to music, after that I did a bunch of E.E. Cummings poems with the visual structure of the poetry in mind while it was translated into music and up here in Montreal I started a new project with this french electro guy Stern (who’s style is completely different from my style, which makes it even more interesting to me) called Heart Brain Beat. We took a sound, then imagined a world made up of that sound (the first song is about a sea anemone in an underwater seascape) which inspired the rest of the song. Then I created artwork from that song and animated it. It’s just the beginning of a this new project, so there is only one song mastered and up on the website, but, it’s just an example of how everything effects everything else. Art inspires new art inspires music inspires thoughts and being and becoming.

So----those are some things I’m working on right now. Haha. Symmetrics I’m waiting to get mixed and mastered and finalized, E.E. Cummings I’m trying to obtain the copyrights for the poems so I can distribute them and work on setting up shows at universities eventually, and Heart Brain Beat is a slow moving sea slug slugging happily along. Also, I’m starting a literary/art publication in NYC with Erin Smith called WKWS. I’m making a book about pizza called “Pizza Doing Stuff” because I love pizza, annnnd...I’ll be showing/selling comics and posters at the Expozine in Montreal at the end of November!

All of this while patting my head and rubbing my tummy. Hahaha.

Ossum. Thanks for your time, Christine. Let's close with a few of our own favorites you've made...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: The Broken Remotes, Pizza!, & Automatic Drawing

It's just a week away from our next Let's Independent! event at Boardner's of Hollywood, so I wanted to post some video footage from the bands who are playing: The Broken Remotes, Pizza!, and Automatic Drawing.

The only problem is that Automatic Drawing, my new local band crush, are so new that they don't have any video up yet, so the last clip is someone doing an automatic drawing to The Black Keys' song 10 AM Automatic. (There's an Automatic Drawing MP3 to dl after to make up.)

- Automatic Drawing's The Captain and the Sea MP3

Rad poster by Christine Hale.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "To Crush Your Enemies, To See Them Driven Before You, To Hear The Lamentations of Their Women...")

We're only a few weeks away from the start of the holiday season, which is good for food, but bad for music because it's when the great shows begin to dry up like something that was once wet going very dry...

But take a look at this week's calendar and you'll see it's not happening quite yet: There's at least something worth catching every night of the week (and most of them cheap or for free).

Monday, November 10
- The Western States Motel, Marching Band (From Sweden), The Boxing Lesson @ Spaceland
- King Kahn & the BBQ Show, The Dutchess & The Duke, Flash Express @ The Echo
- Vic Chestnut, Elf Power @ Echoplex
- Resident Hero @ The Troubadour
- The Dharma Bums, My Velcroe, The Big Booty Party, & The Picket Rockets @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Resident Hero @ The Troubadour
- Sean Carnage Presents The Monolators, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Billygoat, 60watt kid, & Health club @ Pehrspace
- Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club Presents VC benefit show feat. At Demonhead, The Miles Approach, Danger Bees @ All-Star Lanes
- His Orchestra, Grace Woodroofe, Gods Gang, An Horse, & Alaskan Summer @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)

Tonight's a great night to see The Monolators and Manhattan Murder Mystery play together over at the small and BYOB fabulous Pehrspace.

Tuesday, November 11
- Aquarium Drunkard presents: Bishop Allen, An Horse, Electric Owls, One AM Radio @ The Echo
- Travis @ The Troubadour
- The Dizzys, New London, Criminal Belly, Bizzart, & Madhappy @ Mr T's Bowl
- Copeland @ The El Rey
- Travis @ The Troubadour
- Rickie Lee Jones @ Largo
- Rami Dearest, Talk To Angels, Two Guns @ Spaceland
- Pit er Pat, Lucky Dragons, Hecuba, & PALMS @ The Smell
- Kaiser Chiefs @ The Henry Fonda Music Box
- Grampall Jookabox, Death to Fresh, Kid Moxie, Brandon Mayer and The Hidden Powers, & Chris Robley @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Indie 103 & Echo present: Earlimart, Afternoons, Red Cortez, Dazzler @ Echoplex

If Earlimart, Afternoons, or Red Cortez (formerly Weather Underground) were playing separately, it'd be worth going to see them play. Altogether? Well, yeah, much more so...

Wednesday, November 12
- The (International) Noise Conspiracy & Night Horse @ El Cid
- Love Grenades & Little Red Radio @ Bordello
- Decompress, The Health Club, Vital Transformation, BoxViolet, & Cobra Lilies @ Mr T's Bowl
- The Atma, Ivy Walls, & Depreciation Guild @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Adam Stephens, Frank Fairfield, & Evan Way @ Tangier
- Dungen, Women, Life On Earth @ The Echo
- Dub Club @ Echoplex
- Crooked Fingers @ The Troubadour
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with: The Entrance Band, The Growlers @ Spaceland
- Stab City @ Redwood Bar
- Jonatha Brooke w/ Glen Phillips @ Largo
- RESTAVRANT + Line and Circle @ Three of Clubs

Ever caught The Monolators' other band The Cobra Lilies? They're out at Mr T's Bowl on Wednesday night.

Thursday, November 13
- Death to Anders, Thailand, Low Redland, & The Frontier Brothers @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Look Daggers @ Amoeba Music (7PM)
- The Younger Lovers, Crocodiles, The Caldonias, PROTECTME, & Meho Plaza @ The Smell
- Robyn Hitchcock @ Largo
- Ludo @ The Troubadour
- Filter presents: West Indian Girl, Mere Mortals, Klum, Mondo Domingo @ Spaceland
- Legendary Pink Dots @ The Knitting Factory
- Nora Keyes @ The Knitting Factory - Alter Knit
- Olin and The Moon & Good Ole War @ USC
- Tommy Santee Klaws, The Preachers Son, ARTICHOKE, Marvelous Toy @ Hyperion Tavern
- Jseca Hoop @ The Hotel Cafe
- SPIN Magazine and Citi present GYM CLASS HEROES w/ One Block Radius @ The Key Club
- John Doe & Kathleen Edwards @ The El Rey
- Alanis Morissette @ The Orpheum
- And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead & Useless Keys @ The Echo
- Downtown Art Walk w/ The Monthlies w/ Olin & The Moon, Ragsy @ Junglerush Gallery

Artichoke and Marvelous Toy at the tiny cash-only no-sign-out-front Hyperion Tavern could be a lot of fun. (Also like Death to Anders and Thailand at The Silver Lake Lounge.)

Friday, November 14
- Club Underground & Echo presents: The Little Ones, What Made Milwaukee Famous @ The Echo
- Deerhoof, Experimental Dental School, Kit @ Echoplex
- The Sundowners @ Mr T's Bowl
- Vienna Noise Choir, The Skeletons, & Nite Jewel @ The Smell
- Fauna Valetta, The Tijuana Panthers, Spider Problem @ Redwood Bar
- Mudhoney @ The El Rey
- Alanis Morissette @ The Orpheum
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- Tyrone Wells @ The Troubadour
- Dead Confederate, Apollo Sunshine @ Spaceland
- (((eagle winged palace))), Billygoat, & John Thill @ Pehrspace
- Indie 103.1 presents Uh Huh Her @ The Avalon

You know, The Little Ones perform here so infrequently, it's almost like they're a touring band when they play in LA... But whatever, getting to see them with What Made Milwaukee Famous should be great.

Also, Eagle Winged Palace are celebrating a vinyl EP release over at Pehrspace (and I'm DJing between sets).

Saturday, November 15
- On The Rox with First From The Sea & Olin and The Moon @ The Roxy
- Anglos, TGB, Oh Yeah The Future, & Hail Citizen @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz
- Hang The DJs & Echo Present: Adult., Pop Noir @ The Echo
- Gang Gang Dance & Marnie Stern @ The El Rey
- Hollywood Trash, Rondo Brothers, Le Surge, Delaney Gibson, & All Destroyed Momentarily @ Mr T's Bowl
- Melissa Ferrick w/ Andrew Ripp @ Largo
- Danielson @ The Troubadour
- Torche, Black Cobra, Clouds @ Spaceland
- Minibosses, Totally Radd!!, Sweetbleeders, & Land Before Time @ The Smell
- Dorian Wood, Marc Manning, Red Maids, & Mooey Moobau @ Pehrspace
- Santa Ana Music & Arts Festival w/ Busdriver, Free Moral Agents, The Entrance Band, Venus Infers, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, & more @ Santa Ana

I keep hearing good things about Olin & The Moon... The show at The Smell w/ video game theme song playing Minibosses equals geeky fun.

Sunday, November 16
- Tigers Can Bite You & The Savages @ The Knitting Factory
- Kiosk Live @ The El Rey
- A Cursive Memory @ The Troubadour
- Minus the Bear @ The Henry Fonda Music Box
- Charlie Wadhams & Opa Cupa @ Tangier
- A Cursive Memory @ The Troubadour
- Part Time Punks Fest w/ Pylon, Medium Medium, Love Is All, plus more... @ The Echo
- Mark Farina @ Amoeba Music

Tigers Can Bite You and The Savages at The Knitting Factory equals good.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Interview: Pizza!

Here's the entire transcript of our 1.5 hour IM conversation last night w/o edits w/ Pizza!, who Rock Insider call "kind of the raddest thing ever" and Classical Geek Theatre say "continue to evolve their deconstructions of punk, new wave, and post-punk" and "keep getting better and no obvious end is in sight."

(They're part of one of those "new music showcase" thingies along with Automatic Drawing and The Broken Remotes at Boardner's of Hollywood on Tuesday, November 18th.)

pizza! (9:32:13 PM): hello
pizza! (9:32:24 PM): dis be pizza
RFSL (9:32:31 PM): OMG
RFSL (9:32:34 PM): Here we are.
RFSL (9:32:38 PM): How's it going?
RFSL (9:32:45 PM): How you doing tonight?
pizza! (9:32:59 PM): it's going well! we might need to wait a second to get started because dunc is still on his way.
pizza! (9:33:10 PM): but he ought to be here soon
pizza! (9:33:14 PM): how are you?
RFSL (9:33:22 PM): I'm pretty well.
RFSL (9:33:43 PM): I am hopelessly addicted to the nuclear wasteland that is Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360.
pizza! (9:34:02 PM): rand just finished playing it for 8 hours straight and says it rules
pizza! (9:34:14 PM): he just got to the "ghoul underworld"
RFSL (9:34:20 PM): Ahh. Me, too.
pizza! (9:34:24 PM): also he has a mini gun
pizza! (9:34:33 PM): oh shit, ya'll are fallout buddies
RFSL (9:34:42 PM): I never get tired of shooting Super Mutants.
RFSL (9:34:51 PM): It's funny because it's true.
RFSL (9:34:59 PM): It's like single-player World of Warcraft.
pizza! (9:35:25 PM): rand says it's funny to stick hand grenades in their pockets
RFSL (9:35:35 PM): You can do that?!
pizza! (9:35:43 PM): oh yeah
pizza! (9:36:12 PM): he says: "go into sneak mode, hit a (when you get next to them)...
pizza! (9:36:24 PM): drag a hand grenade over to their side of the screen...
pizza! (9:36:29 PM): and then run like hell."
RFSL (9:36:30 PM): Oh geesh.
RFSL (9:37:53 PM): Good meeting you guys at The Eagle Rock Music Festival.
RFSL (9:37:59 PM): You have a good night there?
pizza! (9:38:44 PM): yeah it was a real honor to be asked to play
pizza! (9:39:04 PM): and the festival was really splendid. i (geoff) saw a zydeco band on a hotel balcony
RFSL (9:39:06 PM): Such a great line-up this last time.
pizza! (9:39:21 PM): yeah it was probably the best abe vigoda show i've been too
pizza! (9:39:24 PM): to, not too
pizza! (9:40:02 PM): duncan just got here so now we're all here except alex, who isn't going to be able to make it
RFSL (9:40:25 PM): Ah, alright. We can start all officially.
pizza! (9:40:35 PM): cool
RFSL (9:41:02 PM): Want to preface any answer w/ initials and I'll replace w/ names later?
pizza! (9:41:35 PM): sure... oftentimes we might speak as a group but if things are particularly individualized we can tell you who is speaking
RFSL (9:41:44 PM): Cool
RFSL (9:42:02 PM): So, how long have you all been playing together? How did you start up?
pizza! (9:42:39 PM): we started as the new motherfuckers nearly four years ago
RFSL (9:42:57 PM): Same line-up?
pizza! (9:43:15 PM): no, rand joined later - beginning of 2007
pizza! (9:43:44 PM): we were a very different band when we started up - kind of jangly simple rock and then later really crusty punk
pizza! (9:44:23 PM): or not crusty - just fast and silly
pizza! (9:44:39 PM): we played a lot of parties around USC
pizza! (9:45:03 PM): and it was great because the parties always had free beer so tons of people would come and get wasted and see our band
pizza! (9:45:18 PM): that's also how hootie and the blowfish started, but it was a different USC
RFSL (9:45:52 PM): I'd feel bad if I just left that one hanging.
pizza! (9:46:01 PM): then i guess we got a bit older and started writing better songs and then rand joined and now we're Pizza!
RFSL (9:46:03 PM): But I'm blanking on a good Hootie and the Blowfish joke.
RFSL (9:46:11 PM): Why the name change?
pizza! (9:46:39 PM): we changed our name for all the apparent reasons
RFSL (9:46:57 PM): Gotcha.
RFSL (9:47:23 PM): You guys seem to have the ability to play about every club in town.
RFSL (9:48:44 PM): Meaning you can play Spaceland and The Smell and so on.
pizza! (9:48:59 PM): oh, well there are a lot of other clubs, right?
RFSL (9:49:11 PM): There's something for everyone in your music.
pizza! (9:49:18 PM): we haven't played "the viper room" yet
pizza! (9:49:39 PM): nor the bar in the guns n roses videos
RFSL (9:49:50 PM): Which one is that again?
pizza! (9:50:23 PM): the rainbow one on sunset. the bus drops axl off there at the beginning of "welcome to the jungle."
RFSL (9:50:34 PM): Oh, geesh.
pizza! (9:50:35 PM): and i think that's where they have their wedding party in november rain
RFSL (9:51:04 PM): Man, when Axel and Stephanie Seymour broke up... I just couldn't look at love the same way any more.
pizza! (9:51:41 PM): but regarding your comment -- we have pretty diverse interests, and we're pretty restless when it comes to composition, and hopefully that makes us a good and diverse group
RFSL (9:51:52 PM): Yeah, you list your influences as: Sparks, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, the Homosexuals, Talking Heads, Devo, the Staples Singers, Ol' Dirty Bastard, classical music, video game music, girl groups, post-punk music, musical theater, country music.
pizza! (9:51:56 PM): i don't know if they really loved eachother
pizza! (9:52:24 PM): that's a short list but pretty apt
RFSL (9:53:19 PM): I've heard people say that your songs are so diverse that it sometimes seems like each one is from a different band.
pizza! (9:53:33 PM): hmmm... maybe
RFSL (9:53:35 PM): (That was a compliment, by the way.)
pizza! (9:53:51 PM): oh, it sounds really great. we don't necessary hear that, though.
pizza! (9:53:57 PM): necessarily
RFSL (9:54:19 PM): What's your approach to making songs? How do they come together?
RFSL (9:54:31 PM): (Adam from Fol Chen sends his love, by the way.)
pizza! (9:54:45 PM): oh we send our love right back
pizza! (9:55:08 PM): how do we make songs - we take our cat, the fattest one, and we kiss him and kiss him and kiss him
pizza! (9:55:19 PM): and laugh!
pizza! (9:55:31 PM): then go to the garage and yell at eachother
pizza! (9:55:32 PM): and whistle
RFSL (9:55:34 PM): That's the best answer I've ever heard.
pizza! (9:55:44 PM): usually duncan shaves his beard in tyler's bathroom before we practice
pizza! (9:55:57 PM): he's so baby-faced right now!
pizza! (9:56:43 PM): would you hackie-sack with a screw-driver? that's what rand and tyler are doing right now. odd boys.
RFSL (9:57:08 PM): I think I would.
pizza! (9:57:19 PM): oh yeah i forgot that you guys had so much in common
RFSL (9:57:28 PM): What was your first show as Pizza!?
pizza! (9:57:56 PM): opening for the soft-boiled eggies record release - at the hollywood bowl! - in august of last year
RFSL (9:59:03 PM): How was that?
pizza! (9:59:04 PM): why so glum?why aren't you r
pizza! (9:59:22 PM): it was pretty awesome. we're still struck by the enormity of the moment
pizza! (9:59:39 PM): barack obama was there
RFSL (10:00:01 PM): That guy...
pizza! (10:00:46 PM): that guy is great! a true "egg in the cloud"
RFSL (10:01:01 PM): He gets my vote.
pizza! (10:01:08 PM): you haven't voted yet?
RFSL (10:01:26 PM): I did. I had to do a provisional ballot b/c I was in San Francisco at the time.
RFSL (10:01:41 PM): I could have voted twice b/c they didn't check my info.
pizza! (10:01:41 PM): do they count those? don't you need to go to your precinct?
pizza! (10:01:56 PM): would that make you a "super-delegate"?
RFSL (10:02:20 PM): I want to be a super delegate!
RFSL (10:02:28 PM): I'm going to go get it printed on a card.
pizza! (10:02:43 PM): don't forget this afternoon's floor vote, senator!
pizza! (10:02:53 PM): that's from "ballard street"
RFSL (10:03:06 PM): What are you guys doing, recording-wise?
pizza! (10:03:19 PM): we're just lookin' for a good swamp
pizza! (10:03:26 PM): we come from the swamp, so it's comforting
pizza! (10:03:33 PM): it's nice to record there, good ambience
pizza! (10:03:55 PM): we're hoping to make a new record soon
pizza! (10:04:01 PM): because we really like our new songs more than the old one
pizza! (10:04:04 PM): s
RFSL (10:04:39 PM): How much of your set now is new versus what was on your cd?
pizza! (10:05:01 PM): it's mostly new, we only play a couple of the songs from the cd these days
pizza! (10:05:17 PM): just the "hits"
RFSL (10:05:41 PM): You posted the full album for download online awhile back, yes?
pizza! (10:05:47 PM): we're working on a new easy-breezy tropical number that we're way into
pizza! (10:05:57 PM): yeah we've given everything away for free sofar
pizza! (10:06:04 PM): an album and three eps
pizza! (10:06:17 PM): that's the swamp way, you know
pizza! (10:06:21 PM): we were raised well
pizza! (10:06:24 PM): "dreams of my father"
RFSL (10:06:27 PM): My dachschund just did a running jump off the couch.
RFSL (10:06:38 PM): He kind of hung in the air there for a second.
RFSL (10:06:50 PM): Where are you guys all from?
pizza! (10:06:50 PM): that's cute
pizza! (10:07:07 PM): our gray cat is going to type from now on
RFSL (10:07:08 PM): I think dachschund means "cute" in German.
pizza! (10:07:13 PM): we're all from different swamps
pizza! (10:07:49 PM): some of us are from northern california and some of us are from the deep south
pizza! (10:07:54 PM): you can guess who is from where
pizza! (10:08:10 PM): your guess is as good as ours
RFSL (10:08:10 PM): When did you get out here?
pizza! (10:08:26 PM): early in this century
pizza! (10:08:36 PM): before the war
RFSL (10:09:36 PM): What are your favorite and not so favorite things about living and playing in a band here?
pizza! (10:10:23 PM): the best part is dryness. we had a big problem with gear in the swamp.
pizza! (10:10:40 PM): i think alex got electrocuted once.
pizza! (10:10:57 PM): oh! and the babes! we love cali-chicks!
pizza! (10:11:37 PM): now the bad part- the weather.
pizza! (10:12:41 PM): and traffic, like, getting to gigs is too easy sometimes. we prefer long car rides with other cars who are in bad moods.
pizza! (10:13:01 PM): there was a lot of traffic in the swamp
pizza! (10:13:58 PM): why so glum?
RFSL (10:14:26 PM): Do I seem glum?
pizza! (10:14:36 PM): it can be very inspiring when people are sad.
RFSL (10:15:08 PM): What are you guys working on right now? What's new?
pizza! (10:15:13 PM): so where are you from?
RFSL (10:16:02 PM): I'm from Chicago then I lived in San Francisco for awhile. Then here for the last near five.
pizza! (10:16:58 PM): do you have major hometown pride for obama right now?
pizza! (10:17:38 PM): geoff is from alabama and he has hometown pride for the crimson tide
pizza! (10:17:44 PM): roll tide
RFSL (10:18:07 PM): Yeah, he's the guy. He's like one of those presidents in a movie that you wished existed in real life.
pizza! (10:18:32 PM): do you mean that you don't think he's real?
pizza! (10:18:46 PM): it seems clear that he is.
RFSL (10:19:11 PM): I'm glad he's real. It's like reality got pretty cynical there for awhile.
pizza! (10:19:32 PM): scratches an eight year itch
RFSL (10:19:49 PM): It's nice to have pride and hope in a president.
RFSL (10:19:53 PM): Oh, yes...
pizza! (10:20:11 PM): on election night there was a big party on the corner of alvarado and sunset
RFSL (10:20:27 PM): Did everything feel a little different today? A little clearer? Like how the air is after a storm?
pizza! (10:20:33 PM): everyone just screaming and spraying champagne and getting cars to honk their horns
pizza! (10:20:44 PM): like after a sports game
pizza! (10:20:55 PM): or a gladatorial contest
RFSL (10:21:00 PM): A sports game that actually counts
pizza! (10:21:01 PM): or a hunt
pizza! (10:21:28 PM): a successful hunt, whence you shot many antelope
pizza! (10:21:43 PM): food is life for us
RFSL (10:22:00 PM): You think it'll change what kind of songs you make?
pizza! (10:22:20 PM): yes!!!!!
RFSL (10:22:26 PM): How so?
pizza! (10:23:17 PM): there is positive air in our band room, it kind of condenses in a musical way on things, christmas is air.
pizza! (10:23:24 PM): it is all around everything
RFSL (10:24:25 PM): Even more positive than before?
pizza! (10:24:45 PM): one of the most optical sensations was watching the speech
RFSL (10:25:35 PM): Yeah? I heard all the speeches while driving back from SF. It was kind of surreal.
pizza! (10:26:10 PM): is this really happening? yo! u seen the audacity of blood?
pizza! (10:26:41 PM): google that shit, speaking of inspiring things we like, have you googled stairway to stardom yet?
RFSL (10:27:26 PM): "Back in the 1980s, a public-access television channel in New York City aired Stairway to Stardom, an amateur talent show many see as a low-rent precursor to American Idol.
Thanks to the dedication of a few die-hard fans, Stairway has now become an Internet cult hit. One of the program's devotees, Mitch Friedman, shares his thoughts about why this ultra-low budget talent show has such long-lasting appeal."
RFSL (10:27:36 PM): Did you ever seen Oingo Boingo on The Gong Show?
RFSL (10:27:59 PM):
pizza! (10:28:17 PM): yes! that is the google! never has charm been so audiaciously busty
RFSL (10:28:52 PM): So what are you guys listening to these days?
pizza! (10:29:23 PM): wait! we wartching oingo boingo on the gong show now!
pizza! (10:29:32 PM): live blog feed in 3 2 1 ....
RFSL (10:29:35 PM): Give it a few minutes...
pizza! (10:29:40 PM): trophy, he got one.
pizza! (10:29:50 PM): so that how the show works
pizza! (10:30:02 PM): why is oingo boingo on this?
pizza! (10:30:09 PM): they were knights?
pizza! (10:30:23 PM): oh shit
RFSL (10:30:28 PM): How was Danny Elfman scarier than The Joker when he just wore pleated pants and opened his eyes really wide?
pizza! (10:30:34 PM): rocket
pizza! (10:30:39 PM): accordian
pizza! (10:30:59 PM): pants like robin williams in aladin
pizza! (10:31:15 PM): it's my first day as a women and i'm already getting hot flashes
RFSL (10:31:23 PM): That reminds me of Halloween in SF. Everyone had costumes on in the entire town and they were mostly really fantastic.
pizza! (10:31:40 PM): there' the chinese new year guy i always see dressed as a dragon
RFSL (10:31:41 PM): Buddy Hackett!
pizza! (10:32:04 PM): celebrities get to rate it
pizza! (10:32:07 PM): ????
RFSL (10:32:11 PM): Shari Lewis!
pizza! (10:32:15 PM): bud hackett
pizza! (10:32:24 PM): rocket
pizza! (10:32:37 PM): why is it tough?
RFSL (10:32:37 PM): "I don't think we should let this band go until we develop a vaccine for weirdness..."
pizza! (10:32:48 PM): bug hackett sux
pizza! (10:32:56 PM): buggy mc bugg bugg
RFSL (10:33:00 PM): But Shari Lewis...
pizza! (10:33:09 PM): tha was my first love song to nico
pizza! (10:33:18 PM): funny? that was serious shit
pizza! (10:33:29 PM): an easy gong
RFSL (10:33:42 PM): That announcer was a CIA operator.
pizza! (10:33:50 PM): so is rand
RFSL (10:33:50 PM): Or at least he liked to say that.
pizza! (10:33:59 PM): 24 points so far
pizza! (10:34:09 PM): rand really is one
pizza! (10:34:21 PM): for real
RFSL (10:34:36 PM): The CIA. The CI ain't kiddin.
pizza! (10:34:48 PM): what?
RFSL (10:34:59 PM): Public Enemy lyrics.
pizza! (10:35:07 PM): i'm confused by this- who is the ci? (says alex)
pizza! (10:35:20 PM): we listen to public enemy
pizza! (10:35:25 PM): end live blog feed
RFSL (10:35:33 PM): I got a letter from the government, the other day, I opened and read it, it said they were suckers. They wanted me for their army or whatever.
pizza! (10:35:44 PM): oh, those are the lyrics?
RFSL (10:35:48 PM): Or words towards that effect.
RFSL (10:35:54 PM): Yes!
pizza! (10:36:02 PM): we like nwa
pizza! (10:36:29 PM): "slim shady, please stand up"
RFSL (10:36:44 PM): So what are you guys listening to these days?
pizza! (10:36:58 PM): books on tape
pizza! (10:37:13 PM): did you hear about chrihton
RFSL (10:37:24 PM): I'm totally listening to Red Badge of Courage.
RFSL (10:37:28 PM): Yeah...
pizza! (10:37:28 PM): jurassic park is on every playlist on itunes
pizza! (10:37:40 PM): steven crane, man
RFSL (10:37:51 PM): I listened to that on one of my first road trips. I wanted a baby raptor afterwards.
pizza! (10:38:00 PM): maggie: girl of the streets!
pizza! (10:38:55 PM): did you know that t-rex didn't live during the jurassic? oh wait... did he? (says duncan)
pizza! (10:39:33 PM): we are mostly listening to creed and sevendust, mostly
RFSL (10:39:52 PM): I'm mostly watching Oingo Boingo videos on YouTube.
pizza! (10:39:54 PM): and "cumbersome" by seven mary three is in heavy rotation!
pizza! (10:40:09 PM): oingo boingo is good
pizza! (10:40:20 PM): only a man
pizza! (10:40:24 PM): that one by them
pizza! (10:40:31 PM): orange juice!
pizza! (10:40:37 PM): cheetos!
pizza! (10:40:52 PM): wait and "my life" by billy joel
RFSL (10:41:02 PM):
pizza! (10:41:10 PM): oh another???
RFSL (10:41:24 PM): Danny Elfman lives in a house that slants to the right!
pizza! (10:41:46 PM): this is cool
pizza! (10:42:11 PM): danny elfman is weird
pizza! (10:42:14 PM): but cool
RFSL (10:42:18 PM): Yeah. In the best possible way.
RFSL (10:42:30 PM): He's like the best weird guy from the 80s.
RFSL (10:42:40 PM): Then David Byrne.
pizza! (10:42:52 PM): what about mark mother's ba?
RFSL (10:42:53 PM): That's my informal list, at least.
pizza! (10:43:01 PM): and ronald reagan
pizza! (10:43:11 PM): ?
RFSL (10:43:13 PM): Yeah, he would probably have to go in as 1.5 on a list of two.
pizza! (10:43:24 PM): did i forget dean koontz?
RFSL (10:43:26 PM): Ronald was more of a scary clown than weird guy, per se.
pizza! (10:43:36 PM): no no he was totally weird
RFSL (10:43:44 PM): Yeah?
pizza! (10:43:51 PM): a regular "alexander hamilton," if you know what we mean
RFSL (10:44:03 PM): Danny Elfman can dance!
pizza! (10:44:06 PM): meaning from the west indies
pizza! (10:44:17 PM): this is cool
RFSL (10:44:29 PM): Sorry, I'm trying to keep the live blogcast alive.
pizza! (10:45:02 PM): oh!
pizza! (10:45:13 PM): wait i think it's ending
RFSL (10:45:16 PM): How was practice?
pizza! (10:45:35 PM): christmas was in the air!
RFSL (10:46:04 PM): It's like the Monty Python song in Meaning of Life where it's Christmas in Heaven.
pizza! (10:46:24 PM): we don't know that one
pizza! (10:46:27 PM): by heart
RFSL (10:46:43 PM):
pizza! (10:47:17 PM): do you want us to live-blog this too?
RFSL (10:47:46 PM): That would be okay.
pizza! (10:47:49 PM): because we're watching last of the mohicans and it got really god just now
pizza! (10:48:04 PM): really good! not god.
pizza! (10:48:49 PM): they appear to be praying over someone's grave now
RFSL (10:48:57 PM): Yeah, this is pretty good too.
pizza! (10:48:57 PM): i've never seen the movie so i don't know what's going on
RFSL (10:49:03 PM): But I'm a sucker for musicals.
RFSL (10:49:30 PM): Last of the Mohicans should be made into a musical.
RFSL (10:49:36 PM): Like The Last Starfighter was.
pizza! (10:49:38 PM): it kind of looks like the cover of U2's 96 world tour shirt
pizza! (10:49:57 PM): "last of the mohicans tour - 1996"
pizza! (10:50:20 PM): i think they scored the movie 2
pizza! (10:50:27 PM): the sequel
pizza! (10:50:29 PM): that is
pizza! (10:50:46 PM): the sequel to "i know what you did last summer"
pizza! (10:50:50 PM): (on your world tour)
RFSL (10:50:51 PM): I love inspirational songs from the 80s where the lyrics don't mean anything at all.
RFSL (10:51:01 PM): You're the best! You like stuff!
pizza! (10:51:07 PM): no no the streets were really never named
RFSL (10:51:17 PM): You hold the future in your head!
pizza! (10:52:11 PM): it's bedtime. do you have anymore questions?
RFSL (10:52:18 PM): Yeah, I was just about to say.
RFSL (10:52:54 PM): Do you have any inspirational words to share with the young people of America on this evening of evenings?
pizza! (10:53:10 PM): hold on. it'll get better.
pizza! (10:53:20 PM): we can make it if we try.
pizza! (10:53:36 PM): life is a series of individual decisions
pizza! (10:53:44 PM): we are all federalists, we are all republicans
pizza! (10:54:04 PM): so get that
pizza! (10:54:21 PM): repek
RFSL (10:54:28 PM): Excellent.
RFSL (10:54:40 PM): Gentlemen, thank you very much for your time.
pizza! (10:54:49 PM): remember the maine
RFSL (10:54:54 PM): I'll post this tomorrow around noon.
pizza! (10:55:13 PM): coo. signed pizza.
RFSL (10:55:14 PM): And send you a mail to let you know that it's alive.
pizza! (10:55:17 PM): ps, no edits
RFSL (10:55:23 PM): Deal.
pizza! (10:55:28 PM): hot shit!
pizza! signed off at 10:55:33 PM.
pizza! is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

- Bird Dreams MP3

Rad poster by Christine Hale.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

FREE TICKETS: The Dodos & The Broken West

We've got a few pairs of tickets for two shows later this week: The Broken West, Heartless Bastards, and Other Lives at Spaceland on Friday and The Dodos at The Echoplex on Saturday night. (I've heard great things about local act The Broken West's new album and frigging love SF two-piece The Dodos.)

Just write us here with your full name and a bit on why you should win in order to be entered into the drawing. (Winners will be informed in a lackadaisical yet reasonably timed manner.)

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "In The Suitcase On The Left, You'll Find My Favorite Axe...")

Man, Saturday night at Spaceland with The Parson Redheads, The Spires, Willoughby, and The Sweet Hurt had one of the most perfect line-ups of any local show this year.

Would have loved to have been there, but these things tend to always get announced right after you make plans to be out of town, eh? Hope you made it. The Spires, in particular, routinely blow my mind and always surprise with a different set.

If anyone out there is looking for recommendations for a residency: The Spires, The Movies, The Savages, Marvelous Toy, One Trick Pony, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, and Buddy would all bring me in, at least, every single week. (And I promise to drink A LOT...)

Anyway, here's what this week is looking like in local musics:

Monday, November 3
- The Western States Motel, Wrong Way Driver, Marching Band (From Sweden), 13th Hole (from France) @ Spaceland
- Parts & Labor, Gowns, & Terrors @ The Smell
- Sean Carnage Presents The Monolators, Pizza!, Kyle H Mabson, & Zombelle @ Pehrspace
- His Orchestra, Cracked Out, Mother Mother, & February Fifths @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Mando Diao & We Barbarians @ The Troubadour
- Lykke Li @ The El Rey
- Black Party Politics, The Big Booty Party, Joe K’s Kid, Auto Erotic, & That Noise @ Mr Ts Bowl
- Spinto Band, Frightened Rabbit, Miniature Tigers @ Echoplex
- WEAVE @ The Echo
- Russell Brand @ Largo
- Every Thursday, Combat!, & Luna is Honey @ The Cocaine at Live Jazz

Tough call... Indie pop merchants The Western States for free at Spaceland... The start of The Monolators' residency at Pehrspace where they walk through their musical history... Or the heavy Parts & Labor at The Smell...

Tuesday, November 4
- IM Radio & Obama Phone Bank present: Election Day Party @ The Echo
- Miss Lana Rebel and the Broken Promises, Artichoke, & The Dharma Bums @ Mr Ts Bowl
- Steel Train @ The Troubadour
- Diplo, Abe Vigoda, Telepathe, Blaqstarr @ Echoplex

It's safe to say that on Tuesday night, everyone's going to be drinking, one way or another. The questions are: publicly or at home and out of joy or desperation?

Wednesday, November 5
- Xu Xu Fang, Jon Brion, Exitmusic, Musee Mechanique, Voice On Tape, & Meaghan Smith @ Bordello

- Automatic Drawing, Beastlee, & Last Pop Nation @ MotionLA
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with: Apes & Androids @ Spaceland
- Liz Pappademas, Run On Sentence, The Boxing Lesson, & Belaire @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- No Use For A Name @ The Troubadour
- The Faint @ The Wiltern
- Evangenitals, Confessions of a Corn Silo, Death to Fresh, & Kid Moxie @ Mr Ts Bowl
- Dub Club presents: Eric "Monty" Morris backed by Allentones, Plus Dub Club DJ’s @ Echoplex
- Musee Mecanique @ Bordello
- Josh Hydeman, snowsuit*, tik///tik, Allen Pyle, & Corey Fogel @ The Smell
- The Ruse/Calamity Magnet/The Jane Doe’s /Lisa Donnelly @ The Roxy on Sunset
- The Royalties, So Many Wizards, Furcast, & Other Lives @ Tangier
- Jeremy Jay + Jonneine Zapata @ 3 of Clubs
- LOW END THEORY @ The Airliner

The somewhat unlikely mixture of psych rock gahds Xu Xu Fang, singer/songwriter Jon Brion, and "other" music group Exitmusic at Bordello sounds like the recipe for a great fucking time on Wednesday night.

Thursday, November 6
- Squaregirls Present The Black Kites, Health Club, Thailand, & Avi Buffalo @ The Scene
- Coheed and Cambria @ Avalon
- Day of the Living Party - Saint Motel, The Ringers, Rumspringa, The Cheat @ The Viper Room
- The Watkins Family Hour @ Largo
- The Happy Hollows EP Release Event w/ The Soft Hands, Die Rockers Die, & Strange Boys @ The Echo
- TV on the Radio @ The Wiltern
- The Deserters @ The Troubadour
- Respect @ The Echoplex
- Filter Presents: West Indian Girl, Casxio, Hearts of Palm UK, Roll The Tanks, DJ TK Disko @ Spaceland
- Fig 8 Slo-Mo, Virginia City Revival, Psychostar, Inazuma, & Vatkin Radio @ Mr Ts Bowl
- Gregory John McIlvaine, Homesick Elephant, Deepakalypse, The Peculiar Pretzelmen @ Hyperion Tavern
- Old Crow Medicine Show @ The Henry Fonda Music Box
- Go West Young Man, Correatown, You Me & Iowa, Davin Givhan, & Kenneth Ishak @ The Silver Lake Lounge

In one corner, it's The Happy Hollows' EP release party at The Echo with Long Beach favorite The Soft Hands. In the other, it's the Squaregirls night at The Scene with a great line-up comprised of The Black Kites, Health Club, Thailand, and Avi Buffalo. Both contain fun...

Friday, November 7
- ISGOODMUSIC.COM Benefit w/ Seasons, Shiloe, Death To Anders, The Transmissions, & Vaudeville (DJ set by Radio Free Silver Lake) @ Mr T's Bowl
- KCSR Presents Castledoor, Xu Xu Fang, & The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra @ USC Fisher Gallery of Art Courtyard (FREE - 7PM)
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- Heartless Bastards, The Broken West, Other Lives @ Spaceland
- No Little Kindness, Sleeping Bags, & The Dandelion Council @ Pehrspace
- Dragonforce @ The Palladium
- Club Underground & Echo presents: Apes and Androids @ The Echo
- Brainfeeder event w/ Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killah, Kode 9, Samiyam @ Echoplex
- Coheed and Cambria @ Avalon

At Mr T's Bowl on Friday night, Seasons, Shiloe, Death To Anders, The Transmissions, and Vaudeville are putting on a benefit for ISGOODMUSIC.COM (and both Jon Hershfield and I will be djing).

Also quite worth catching that night is the show out at USC with Castledoor, Xu Xu Fang, and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. It's free and open to teh public.

Saturday, November 8
- Moses Campbell, The Widow Babies, Watercolor Paintings, & Voice On Tape @ The Smell
- Dead Meadow, his orchestra, & The Moon Upstairs @ The Troubadour
- Jim Gaffigan @ The Wiltern
- Cinderella Motel, The Crystelles, Sons of Tito, Get Well Cards, & Human Hands @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Jeans Team, Starfucker @ Spaceland
- The Dodo’s @ Echoplex
- Coheed and Cambria @ Avalon

You know, I'm kind of amazed by how great SF's The Dodo's are. I caught them at The Troubadour about a year ago accidentally and would frankly like nothing more than to see them play again.

Sunday, November 9
- Jim Gaffigan @ The Wiltern
- Bobb Bruno, 60 Watt Kid, Halloween Swim Team, Laco$te, & White Leopards @ The Smell
- Spirit Vine, Electric Jellyfish (Australia), Ojos Rojos, Rocking Horse People @ Spaceland
- Onyx @ The Echo
- Surgeon Marta, The Black Watch, Petrol, Candy Apple Red, & Eject @ Mr T's Bowl
- Part Time Punks @ The Echo
- Charlie Wadhams @ Tangier

Last time I saw psyche rock act Spirit Vine play, I guess I got into it and, like, moved to the music or something and then the band commented on it later and I got all embarrassed.

(The morale of the story is that they put on a good live show.)

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.