Thursday, March 16, 2006

Band of the Week: Jeniferever

Early last year, I developed a deep and abiding musical crush on Sweden’s Jeniferever -- a band that, at least literally, couldn’t be farther away from the LA independent music scene -- after getting several tracks off of the great, completely-legal tune-sharing site 3hive.

The band's songs are all whispers and melting icicles, with lyrics that make you reminisce about events that never happened to you, and that build and crash in waves that force you to close your eyes when they finally, um, climax.

The group just released their first full album Choose A Bright Morning overseas last week and, though US distribution is said to be in the works, you can (like me) order it as an import through places like Amazon.

From the two new songs that the band has recently posted online, it’s clear that they’re moving off in a different musical direction, one more away from their seemingly Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky-inspired roots. And while I’m not quite sure how I feel about that quite yet, I’m really looking forward to that cd arriving soon.

Are they coming to play in LA anytime soon? Well... maybe. Back at the end of last year, one of the band members told me that they intend their first US tour this spring, but I’ve heard no updates out of group since then.

In the meantime, you should seriously take the time to download the three incredible EP tracks -- You Only Move Twice, Kap Farvel, and For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky -- that they’ve made available, either off their myspace page, the discography section of their official web-site, or the afore-mentioned 3hive.

They’re some of the best goddamn songs I've heard in the last year and, hell, they’re free...


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