Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SAVE THE DATES: AC Indie & Mouse's B-Day

There are two noteworthy nights coming up in the next month that are well worth jotting down into your space phones. The first is a new monthly indie showcase and the second is the b-day celebration for our friend Mouse from Classical Geek Theatre.

If you, like seemingly most of the musicians in this town, live on the West Side of LA, you know the music scene over there is frustratingly light on great shows and quality venues -- and you're probably sick of driving every night all the way to Echo Park, Silver Lake, and the rest. (I moved from there four years back for this very reason...)

Well, the guys at AC Indie would rather light a candle than curse your darkness... They're starting a new monthly at The Air-Conditioned Supper Club in Venice on Lincoln to bring in some of the best local acts. They're modeling it roughly after our recently-retired Let's Independent! night, just a little farther west, and we're helping out a bit with it.

The first event is on Sunday, March 1st with the stellar line-up of The Parson Redheads, Flashing Red Lights, The World Record, and One Trick Pony for just $6.

As written by the man himself: "On March 13th we will celebrate my 27th birthday at Pehrspace. Three years until my hand starts flashing red!

"BYOB. Food is at 9:15pm. There will be Franken's Gourmet Franks (all vegetarian) for sale and free cake. Probably Gran Jan's Texas Sheet Cake. It has four sticks of margarine in it.

"Music starts at 10pm. The headliner is a super-secret guest. I'm not allowed to promote it, but it's my birthday and on my birthday I get almost everything I want! The other two bands on the bill are the magnificent Manhattan Murder Mystery and New York City's indiepop posterchildren, The Besties. For the mean times, the in between times, Marion will be DJing all night."


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AC Lounge is awesome! definitely going to check out some of those shows.

- diana/ automatic drawing

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