Friday, November 30, 2007

Mini-Interview: Everest

LAist’s Joshua Pressman put it well in his recent Big In 08 article, remarking about "the epic alt-rock, Tom Petty/ Wilco-esque nature of [Everest's] tunes" and saying “It's hard not to expect Herculean things from [them] in 2008.”

With members hailing from acts such as Alaska!, Earlimart, Sebadoh, The Watson Twins, Folk Implosion, Great Northern, and more, the group have turned a lot of heads in a short time and recently finished their first album together.

We spoke to band members Russell Pollard and Joel Graves over IM recently to learn more about these local indie rock Hercules.

RFSL (4:37:19 PM): Hey, guys.
joelg (4:37:25 PM): How are you, Joe?
RFSL (4:37:32 PM): I'm doing great.
RFSL (4:37:47 PM): How are you?
joelg (4:37:55 PM): Hangin' in there.
RFSL (4:37:56 PM): You were doing some work with The Watson Twins late last night?
Russ (4:38:12 PM): Yeah. Mixing their record.
joelg (4:39:29 PM): Russ and I talk every day but I don't think we've ever been on IM together, so this is kind of cool...
RFSL (4:39:39 PM): Ha.
Russ (4:39:45 PM): I love it, Joel.
RFSL (4:39:58 PM): So, you guys recently recorded your own album?
Russ (4:40:07 PM): We did.
joelg (4:40:11 PM): Yeah! Just mastered it last week.
RFSL (4:40:23 PM): Congratulations!
Russ (4:40:29 PM): Thanks!
joelg (4:40:39 PM): Thanks. Feels strange to be done.
RFSL (4:40:55 PM): How long were you working on it? Who did you work with?
joelg (4:41:17 PM): Recorded it in two weeks in August with Mike Terry (Editor’s Note: Earlimart, Foo Fighters, Eagles) producing.
joelg (4:41:34 PM): Mixed it in a week at the beginning of this month.
Russ (4:41:49 PM): Feel like it’s a record that’s been building for years for some reason though
joelg (4:42:31 PM): We first got together in December of last year and recorded a 12" a few days later... but Russ had a bunch of great songs already.
Russ (4:43:13 PM) has left the room.
RFSL (4:43:30 PM): How did you start up originally?
joelg (4:43:45 PM): I think Russ just lost connection so I'll answer that one...
joelg (4:44:13 PM): Russ and I met up at New Monkey, and then started playing together in Earlimart.
joelg (4:44:38 PM): He played me a batch of great songs at his house one night and I fell in love with his singing.
joelg (4:44:59 PM): J. Soda came down, and the three of us started playing together in the living room.
joelg (4:45:24 PM): Then we met Rob, and already knew we wanted Davey to play drums.
joelg (4:45:38 PM): Fell into place pretty quickly.
RFSL (4:46:16 PM): That's great. And you guys recently got an album deal, right?
joelg (4:46:50 PM): Well, there's something in the works and we've seen some papers, but nothing has been signed yet.
RFSL (4:50:03 PM): So, you guys haven't played a ton of shows, right? But you've gotten a lot of attention and press.
joelg (4:50:31 PM): Yeah, a handful of shows I suppose. People have been very kind so far.......
RFSL (4:50:55 PM): You played Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit show last month. How was that?
joelg (4:51:42 PM): It was pretty surreal. And beautiful.
joelg (4:52:22 PM): Met a lot of nice folks.. Maybe try inviting Russ in again... he's not sure how to get back on.
Russ (4:52:49 PM) has entered the room.
Russ (4:52:49 PM): Cool.
RFSL (4:52:54 PM): Welcome back.
Russ (4:53:07 PM): Sorry... Don't know what happened
RFSL (4:53:17 PM): Bad Internet weather…
joelg (4:53:27 PM): Hi Russ.
Russ (4:53:30 PM): Hi.
RFSL (4:54:02 PM): So, how did it come together that you played the benefit show? Neil Young’s obviously a fan. You're in his Top 8 on myspace and all.
Russ (4:54:16 PM): Cosmic.
joelg (4:54:25 PM): to say the least...
joelg (4:54:46 PM): We have a lot of mutual friends...
Russ (4:55:11 PM): hands down...the most amazing, humbling and amazing weekend.
RFSL (4:55:19 PM): Yeah?
Russ (4:55:26 PM): Did I say amazing twice?
joelg (4:55:35 PM): You should say it a third time.
Russ (4:55:41 PM): Amazing.
RFSL (4:55:43 PM): What was it like? What happened?
joelg (4:56:29 PM): I don't even know where to begin.
Russ (4:56:45 PM): It was like a dream really. like one i'd like to have many times over.
joelg (4:57:08 PM): We got some great advice from our elders and got to hang out with some very dear friends, new and old.
RFSL (4:57:18 PM): That's great.
RFSL (4:58:29 PM): So, tell me more about how you guys started playing together. This band sounds fairly different from previous ones you guys have been in. Was that intentional or did it just happen? What are you setting out to do musically?
Russ (4:59:52 PM): Well, we just let it happen really. Guess we're setting out to do what we want, be honest, let the music happen.
joelg (5:00:22 PM): We're all such different musicians. We each bring something completely different to the table, and the blend is my favorite thing.
RFSL (5:01:51 PM): Yeah, it sounds great. Listening to it now on myspace.
RFSL (5:02:02 PM): Really looking forward to the album.
joelg (5:02:22 PM): Cool, thanks so much.
RFSL (5:02:39 PM): So, what's next for you?
Russ (5:02:56 PM): A nap hopefully
Russ (5:03:09 PM): Haha.
RFSL (5:03:16 PM): Ha. Beyond today. As a band. 
joelg (5:03:57 PM): Looks like the record will be out in February or March, then a lot of touring.
RFSL (5:04:24 PM): Are you touring with anyone or on your own?
joelg (5:04:40 PM): Hopefully with friends... no idea yet.
RFSL (5:04:43 PM): Love to see you guys with a local residency.
RFSL (5:05:00 PM): I get the sense we won't be able to see you guys at Spaceland very long.
Russ (5:05:00 PM): Yeah, that would be fun.
joelg (5:05:22 PM): I think we're going to play some friends' residencies in January.
RFSL (5:05:36 PM): Oh, yeah. The Parson Redheads' show.
joelg (5:06:13 PM): And maybe another as well?
Russ (5:07:12 PM): Looking forward to playing again. It’s been a little while.
joelg (5:07:48 PM): Yeah, the last three shows were strictly acoustic … which was amazing, but, um, it's time to turn up again.
RFSL (5:08:06 PM): Who are you listening to these days?
joelg (5:08:33 PM): I've been listening to a lot of Foster Timms demos. If you live in Silver Lake, you've had a drink with him at some point.
joelg (5:09:21 PM): Listening to Vetiver at the moment. Cabes' voice is angelic!
Russ (5:09:32 PM): I've been listening to Dylan more than ever. The new Wilco seems to creep in every week.
Russ (5:09:56 PM): Vetiver's record...To Find Me Gone smokes!
joelg (5:10:06 PM): yes oh yes it does.
Russ (5:10:42 PM): Gentle Giant...Octopus. Good ol' british prog from the 70s
RFSL (5:11:12 PM): Cool. I've been listening to an advance of The Movies' next EP and it is so damn good.
joelg (5:11:19 PM): There's a band from Birmingham that I love called Through the Sparks. And, my brothers and sister in Chairlift in Brooklyn.
joelg (5:11:29 PM): Ah, I love The Movies.
Russ (5:11:42 PM): The Movies... I like.
joelg (5:12:02 PM): There's an Earlimart tune called The Movies... which I think is named after them.
Russ (5:12:40 PM): "I owe it all to the movies"
Russ (5:12:47 PM): right?
joelg (5:12:58 PM): yeah. beautiful song. amazing.
RFSL (5:13:09 PM): They're playing that benefit show we're putting on and we just put up some of their new tracks on the myspace page for it, if you want to hear some.
joelg (5:13:32 PM): oh, great!
Russ (5:13:58 PM): very cool.
joelg (5:14:05 PM): That's a good lineup.
RFSL (5:14:43 PM): Last question for you: What are the best and worst aspects of being a band here in LA?
joelg (5:16:33 PM): That's a tough one. I don't really give much thought to our locale, we just do what we do. Club promoters treat bands differently in other towns... I can say that.
joelg (5:17:36 PM): We're lucky to have Spaceland, the Echo, Silverlake Lounge, etc... but this is a rough town.
Russ (5:17:46 PM): Best: L.A. is great, I don't care what anyone thinks about it from other parts of the world. My experience has been very inspiring. Worst: The traffic is rough, though.
RFSL (5:19:20 PM): Cool. Well, I'm looking forward to hearing you guys play with The Parson Redheads and for that album release.
joelg (5:19:43 PM): Thanks, Joe. It should be an interesting year. We're itching to play.
RFSL (5:19:52 PM): Thanks so much for your time.
Russ (5:19:53 PM): Thanks Joe. Pleasure chatting with you!
joelg (5:20:04 PM): Let's have a drink at the show...
RFSL (5:20:13 PM): Definitely. Several.

Note: We don’t have any MP3s to post for the group, but head over to their myspace page to hear four great tracks.

- Band of The Week: Everest

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Band Of The Week: The Movies

Local indie rock luminaries The Movies have been working on their new EP for some time... Former Mighty Lemon Drops member Dave Newton did production work on it, as he's done recently for The Little Ones, The Happy Hollows, The Blood Arm, and more, so expectations have been pretty high.

I've been lucky enough to hear many of the songs from the EP recently and am completely fucking in love with it right now.

If you've seen them play live recently, you've heard songs like When I Was In Nam, Missed Opportunities, and The Monumental Life, which are as strong as earlier favorites like Rock In The Slingshot and Timothy James. Then there's Limousine and Tired Of Being Superstitious, two uber pretty tracks that are up there with the band's classic heart churner Creation Lake (which The Silversun Pickups covered on their album, Pikul).

The group is headlining the Rock Against HD Benefit Show that we're helping put on -- it should go without saying that we're not making any money off of it -- where all the groups playing that night are performing new or unreleased material.

Details on the show, which takes place on Monday, December 10th at Safari Sam's, and the first chance to hear some of those new tracks can be found right here.

- Interview: The Movies

Photo by George Tapia

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Rademacher, Great Northern, Eagle & Talon, & Elvis Perkins

I've had tracks from Fresno's Rademacher stuck in my head. Did you catch any of their Sunday shows here in town in November?

They're back here at Spaceland next month, if you didn't and you should. (I'd read love to get one of those Spaceland live cds from them... They've been nailing it lately.)

Here’s some footage LAist photographer Jeff Koga shot at Great Northern’s secret show at The Silver Lake Lounge a few months back.

This clip of Eagle & Talon is also from The Silver Lake Lounge … from the last night of The Pity Party's residency there. (They have another coming in February.)

And last but not least is one of my favorite Blogoteque entries w/ Elvis Perkins playing the dreamy While You Were Sleeping while walking the streets of Paris.

Photo by Laura Jennings.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Word On This Year's Rock Against HD Event

We just received the final confirmation on the line-up for a benefit we're helping with next month and wanted to share... It's easily the best thing that the site has ever been part of and I sincerely hope you can make it.

I’m happy to announce that Radio Free Silver Lake is presenting the third annual Rock Against HD Event - a benefit for The Huntington’s Disease Society Of America – at Safari Sam’s on Monday, December 10th.

The night will host six fantastic local acts who will all be playing short sets comprised of new or unreleased material -- so, it’s a great chance to hear songs from all of the group’s upcoming releases.

Here’s the complete line-up for the event:

- Sarah Negahdari from The Happy Hollows performing her solo work
- James Stein from Buffalo Roam playing new solo material
- The Spires w/ new and unreleased songs
- The Western States Motel w/ songs from their next album
- Thailand w/ songs from their next album
- The Movies w/ songs from their upcoming Dave Newton-produced EP
- And Ryan from Division Day will be DJing

We're asking for a $5 to $10 donation at the door and all proceeds will be going to The Huntington’s Disease Society Of America.

It's going to be a great night for a great cause... You can find all the details at the Rock Against HD myspace page.

Pic by Sterling Andrews.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Monday Show Down (Or “The Moon May Have Been Ripped Out Of The Earth Itself Eons Ago”)

Happy belated turkey day. So nice to have a few days off from work and to get a chance to catch up, eh? Hope your Thanksgiving didn't turn into an episode of The Dysfunctional Family Feud and that no pumpkin pies got thrown around.

Sorry for the late post today, but check out the show schedule to your right because it’s been updated with concerts up into early next year to make up for it...

But let’s take a look at this week:

Monday, November 26
- Casxio w/ Sam Sparro, Love Grenades, & Love Lies Sleeping @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Restaurant & Devon Williams @ The Echo (FREE)
- Softlightes & Porterville @ Spaceland—Moved To The Echoplex (FREE)
- Cydney Robinson & I See Hawks In LA @ Bordello
- Vic Du Monte’s Persona Non Grata, & Preacher’s @ The Scene (FREE)
- Hoff Buffaglow @ Pehrspace
- Ollin, Lysa Flores, & The Evangenitals @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ Saint Motel, Voxhaul Broadcast, & Le Switch @ The Viper Room

It’s the last night for the free residency, so choose wisely. Duke from You Set The Scene says The Softlightes are “catchy electro-pop” and that the show has been moved to The Echoplex from Spaceland due to filming.

Tuesday, November 27
- Policy & War Tapes @ Cinespace
- The Natural Disasters, Franklin For Short, Walk, & Japanese Motors @ Tangier
- Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde & David J of Bauhaus @ The Roxy
- Jill Sobule @ Largo
- Head of Destiny, Killing Jonis, & Killing Bees @ The Scene (FREE)
- So So Glos, The Black Tales, Pioneers, & Studiofix @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Jose Gonzalez @ The Henry Fonda

Have you seen Ventura’s Franklin For Short yet? Last time I saw them play with The Spires, they were pretty solid rock with a bit of folk up in there.

Wednesday, November 28
- Iron & Wine @ The Orpheum
- Jonathan Wilson, Traildriver, & Leslie and The Badgers @ Bordello
- Rolling Blackouts, Get Up Get Down, & Tsk Tsk @ The Scene
- Warfield @ The Knitting Factory
- The Cormans @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Twilight Sleep, Wrong Way Driver, & Stereofix @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Anyone have anything for Wednesday night? I don’t know any of the bands all too well.

Thursday, November 29
- Josh Haden’s SPAIN w/ The Minor Canon & Let’s Go Sailing @ The Echo
- Sinister Analog Night w/ Mospeada, The Health Club, The Hectors, & French Semester @ The Scene
- Weather Underground, The Rolling Blackouts, & Francisco The Man @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- 60 Watt Kid, Little Teeth, Casey James And The Staypuft Kid, & Dalmacio Von Diamond @ The Smell
- Castano, Bad Vic & The Good Intentions, & Freaky Weasel @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with The Hedrons @ Spaceland
- Holly Conlan & Never At Night @ Bordello
- Tiger Swallowtail & Hallows @ Tangier
- The Decemberists @ The Wiltern

I haven’t seen sad-happy-sad indie pop groups The Minor Canon or Let’s Go Sailing in forever and like both a hell of a lot. Haven’t heard Josh Haden’s SPAIN yet, but hopefully they’re GOOD.

Friday, November 30
- Signal Hill & Beware of Safety @ Ground Zero Cafe on USC Campus
- Fall Of Snow & 8MM @ El Cid
- Aimee Mann @ The El Rey
- The Frequency @ Spaceland
- Evil Maria, Mo BuYa!, Seasons, & The Chump Change Gang @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Spider Problem & Bloodcat Love @ Pehrspace
- Evil Beaver, Chairs of Perception, Jr. Juggernaut, & Lightnin Woodcock Trio @ The Scene
- Ghostland Observatory @ The Henry Fonda
- Busdriver & Daedelus @ The Troubadour

Post rock heart-throbs Signal Hill are my favorite local band playing on Friday night.

Saturday, December 1
- Entrance @ Spaceland
- The Crystelles, Peg Leg Love, Vesuvia Sonic, & Chupacobra @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Ima Gymnist, The So So Glos, & All Neon Like @ The Smell
- "Club Place N Time" w/Army Navy, Glassell Park 3, & DJ Frog @ The Scene

Indie pop act Army Navy haven’t played out too much in the last year, what with recording their album. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

Sunday, December 2
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club Presents Live From Little Tokyo Vol 2 Record Release Show w/ The Soft Hands, Correatown, The Henry Clay People, MasterSlave, & More @ All-Star Lanes
- VHS Or Beta & Foreign Born @ The El Rey
- The Locust @ The Knitting Factory
- Lungbutterness & Clark 8 @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Kimya Dawson, The Watery Graves, Lucky Dragons, & Smog Monster @ The Smell
- Daughters of Mara, Snakes Alive, & The Royal Highness @ The Scene (FREE)
- Voxtrot @ The Henry Fonda

The folks behind The Live From Little Tokyo series explain themselves like this:

“Our group consists of musicians, photographers, writers, and engineers. We all utilize our respective talents and resources to record our favorite bands from Los Angeles and to make their presence known through photography, interviews, and audio documentation. We invite 5 bands into a loft in Little Tokyo on one day and let them do whatever they want. We make limited-edition handmade CD's of their performances, and hold record release shows when they're done. We do this process four times a year.”

They’re celebrating their second release at The Eagle Rock Bowling And Drinking Club at All-Star Lanes on Sunday night and some great acts like The Henry Clay People and The Soft Hands are on it and playing. (And I'm djing.)

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Oh by the way, did you catch the glimpse at Irving’s Seasons EP on their myspace page? Those guys need to play out here more often again…

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pre-Order Death To Anders' New Album

Chances are if you've lived in LA for awhile and like live music, you've gotten to see Central Second Collective act Death To Anders at least once. Like The Monolators and The Henry Clay People, they play pretty damn often and have gotten noticeably tighter and tighter over time for it.

The group's currently wrapping up their next album Fictitious Business with local super producer Dave Newton -- who has worked with such groups as The Little Ones, The Blood Arm, and The Happy Hollows -- and in order to help pay for recording, mixing, and mastering costs, they're offering a limited edition bonus cd for fans who pre-order it.

The limited edition cd is comprised of rare and unreleased songs created over the last three years, including live tracks and acoustic version of earlier recordings. It's available for free to folks who pre-order Fictitious Business on the group's myspace page right here. (These guys are super supportive of local music, so I really recommend doing it, if you can.)

We're hosting the group's CD release party on Tuesday, January 15th with Princeton and The Monolators at our monthly Let's Independent! event at Boardner's and predict that it will be really damn fun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hearts Of Palm UK Video Premiere & Let's Independent! Pics

Many thanks to Hearts Of Palm UK, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and Marvelous Toy for playing our Let's Independent! night at Boardner's last night -- and muchas muchas gracias to everyone who attended, promoted, and/or helped out with the show, too.

Technical problems prevented us from playing Hearts Of Palm UK's video at the event last night, but here's the world premiere of it right now -- along with a few pics from the evening.

Enormous kudos to laura jennings for the excellent pics.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FREE Show Tonight: Hearts Of Palm UK, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, & Marvelous Toy

Just a reminder that tonight is Let's Independent! at Boardner's with electronically-flavored indie pop acts Hearts Of Palm UK, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and Marvelous Toy.

It's FREE, the venue is located at 1652 North Cherokee, the night starts at 9 PM and is 21+, and all three bands are teh ossum. It's also Marvelous Toy's album release party and will host the premiere of Hearts Of Palm UK's first video.

You can find details and MP3s from all three bands right here. (And many thanks to Christine from Mini-Love for another fantastic poster.) Hope you can make it.

- Mini-Interview: Hearts Of Palm UK
- Band Of The Week: Letting Up Despite Great Faults
- Band Of The Week: Marvelous Toy

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Monday Show Down (Or “I Hadn’t Seen You In So Long I Didn’t Know You Changed The Color Of Your Hair”)

Hey, so I’m not sure if you realized this yet, but there aren’t any shows going on this Thursday night...

It’s kind of strange, but going over the schedules for all the venues in town, I noticed that none of them had any bands playing that night. Kind of a rare occurrence, really, so I suggest you find something else to do with your time.

Maybe share the evening with family and friends, instead?

Monday, November 19
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ Pop Noir, Sam Sparro, On Blast, & Ari Shine @ The Viper Room
- Restaurant & The Strange Boys @ The Echo (FREE)
- Cydney Robinson, Holly Palmer & Pedestrian @ Bordello
- Softlightes, Arizona, & Unbusted @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Sean Carnage Presents: Bizzart, Rheteric, Soft Fangs, Big Epoch, & Married in Berdchiev @ Pehrspace
- Until June, The Quiet, Teaneck, & Service Group @ The Troubadour (FREE)
- Funland with secret guests, Sidekick, Battleflask, & More Than Never @ The Scene (FREE)
- Casxio, B.R.A.M., Letron & Meho Plaza @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)

Restaurant, Casxio, and Softlightes all have Monday night residencies, and there are free shows at The Scene and The Troubadour, too. (I’ll be hiding out doing the final prep for our Tuesday show, though…)

Tuesday, November 20
- Let’s Independent! w/ Marvelous Toy, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, & Hearts of Palm UK @ Boardner’s of Hollywood (FREE)
- 89.9 FM KCRW Presents Merrick, John Gold, Alex Lilly, & Everybody @ Bordello
- Isis @ The Troubadour
- Now On with Othello, Buff 1, & Djs Manwell @ The Echo
- Ranch Party w/ Dave Gleason, King Straggler, & Merle Jagger @ Spaceland
- Tweak Bird+Max Neutra, The Front, The Pleasureboaters (Seattle), & Tsk Tsk @ The Scene
- Tall Hands Eyes In Elegance, & The Soft Hands @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Front, Tweak Bird, Tsk Tsk, & The Pleasure Boaters @ The Scene

I can say with all certainty that I’ve decided to go to our Let’s Independent! event on Tuesday night at Boardner’s with Marvelous Toy, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and Hearts Of Palm UK.

If you haven’t heard some or all of the acts yet, it’s a good -- and FREE -- opportunity to check some excellent local talent. They’re always a lot of fun, too.

Read all the details and download MP3s from all three bands here.

Wednesday, November 21
- Hollowpoints, Broke Til Thursday, Booze Hounds,& Dirty Tactics + Special Guests @ The Scene
- 89.9 FM KCRW Presents Merrick, The Pity Party, Correatown, & Benji Hughes @ Bordello
- Spindrift @ The Echo
- Unpopable, Matt and Dave Jazz, & Electrom @ Mr T’s
- Franklin For Short, Michael Runion, & Whispertown 2000 @ Tangier
- Kiss Or Kill w/ The Bleeding Livers, No Thanks, Silver Needle, & Chissum Worthington @ El Cid
- Married In Berdichev, Gang Wizard, A++, & Transcend This Earthly Shell @ The Smell
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME @ Spaceland
- Los Campesinos! @ The Troubadour
- Travis w/Maximo Park @ The Wiltern

Spindrift makes music you’d want to listen to while gun-fighting out in the desert… Shame they’re the same night of Correatown’s residency at Bordello, where she’s joined by nice loudies The Pity Party and semi-legendary Benji Hughes.

Friday, November 23
- Exitmusic, Adeline, & Michael Runion @ El Cid
- Circus Minor, Holmes, & Shannon Hurley @ Bordello
- T.S.O.L. & D.I. @ The Echoplex
- Surrender The Pink, Artichoke, Veiled, & Sleepingboy @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Nancy Full Force, Dylan Doren, I.E., & The Bombs @ The Smell
- Light FM, The Paul Avion Band, & The Waking Hours @ The Derby
- Club Underground @ The Echo
- White Out w/ Nels Cline, Alasdair Roberts, & Charalambides @ Spaceland
- Cold War Kids @ The Wiltern

I’m still basking in the warm glow left over from Light FM’s performance at Let’s Independent! last month, but have wanted to check out Artichoke, Adeline, and Exitmusic, too.

Saturday, November 24
- Why? & The Happy Hollows @ Spaceland
- Gram Rabbit, Bloodcat Love, & Thee Makeout Party @ Safari Sam's
- Outre @ Pehrspace
- Blue Mash @ Mr T’s Bowl
- White Magic w/ Luke Top & Eric Layer @ The Echo
- Band of Horses @ The Avalon

I’ve been meaning to check out Luke Top after hearing multiple friends extol his virtues, but if you haven’t seen The Happy Hollows, you haven’t, like, lived or something.

Sunday, November 25
- Briony Atkinson @ Tangier
- Cue The Moon @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Part Time Punks @ The Echo
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Karin Tatoyan, Rademacher, One Trick Pony, & Killsonic @ All-Star Lanes
- a monthly night of variety and comedy hosted by Neil Hamburger and friends @ Spaceland
- Band of Horses @ The Avalon

It’s your last chance to see Karin Tatoyan’s residency at The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club. Joining her are Fresno’s Rademacher, who were amazing at Spaceland last Sunday night, and One Trick Pony, makers of the prettiest song I’ve heard this year.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mini-Interview: Hearts Of Palm UK

Indie pop duo Hearts Of Palm UK are comprised of Ambi D on the glockenspiel, hand-clapper, triangle, tambourine, guitar, and keys and Erica Elektra on keyboards, beats/sequences, and voice so clear it has to be heard live to be believed.

(They’re headlining our free Let’s Independent! event on Tuesday at Boardner’s with Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Marvelous Toy, so there’s your next chance.)

Erica and I spoke via AIM over our lunch breaks yesterday to talk about the band’s secret origins.

RFSL (12:16:35 PM): How long have you two been out in LA?
hopuk (12:16:59 PM): ambi-d has been here a few years longer than me. I've been here about 2 1/2 years.
RFSL (12:17:24 PM): What brought you out?
hopuk (12:18:29 PM): well, i had just broken up with my boyfriend of 7 years (hence the whole Jonathan, the fucking motherfucker song title) and had been living in Europe, and then all of a sudden my life was like totally up in the air. no more boy, no more plans... and i just thought i needed to go somewhere fresh and start anew!
hopuk (12:18:42 PM): ambi-d was my good friend and she said i could live with her for a month and get my bearings
hopuk (12:18:50 PM): so, i just tried LA out with no real expectations.
RFSL (12:18:53 PM): Where were you living before?
hopuk (12:19:20 PM): I was in San Francisco for about 8 years, then i moved to Lisbon (Portugal) and then Berlin. So I was in Europe about two years. Now LA.
RFSL (12:19:30 PM): How are you liking it?
hopuk (12:19:56 PM): i really love LA. it's totally surprising - i didn't expect to. but i think it's the best place for me to live in the U.S.
RFSL (12:20:11 PM): I came from SF a few years back and had much the same experience.
RFSL (12:20:31 PM): It's hard leaving the extremely comfortable urban womb of SF, but there's so much more going on here.
hopuk (12:20:36 PM): yeah? what do you love about LA?
hopuk (12:20:38 PM): i know!
hopuk (12:20:45 PM): there's SO MUCH MORE happening i find.
RFSL (12:20:46 PM): (Maybe I shouldn't have used "womb" there...)
hopuk (12:20:47 PM): and the bands are better.
RFSL (12:20:52 PM): Exactly!
hopuk (12:21:00 PM): and i love bbq's and sunshine
hopuk (12:21:03 PM): and the beach
hopuk (12:21:05 PM): can't complain!
RFSL (12:21:12 PM): You get spoiled here being able to go out every night and see a great band.
hopuk (12:21:35 PM): i know, right? and it's often free, too...
RFSL (12:21:36 PM): And it's funny when the rough nights are, like last night, deciding between like five different great shows.
hopuk (12:21:44 PM): you love your shows
RFSL (12:21:49 PM): It's true.
hopuk (12:21:59 PM): i love places like pehrspace and the cog
RFSL (12:22:08 PM): The cog?
hopuk (12:22:09 PM): it reminds me of like another time somehow
hopuk (12:22:12 PM): yeah! you've never been?
hopuk (12:22:19 PM): it's this cool little gallery/music space.
hopuk (12:22:21 PM): i kinda love it.
RFSL (12:22:32 PM): I heart pehrspace. Surprisingly great sound for a small byob spot.
RFSL (12:22:35 PM): Oh, cool.
RFSL (12:22:41 PM): Have to check it out.
hopuk (12:22:42 PM): we shot our music video there!
hopuk (12:22:46 PM): (pehrspace)
RFSL (12:23:01 PM): Cool. Looking forward to seeing that on Tuesday.
RFSL (12:23:08 PM): So, when did the band start up?
hopuk (12:23:17 PM): It's been about a year.
RFSL (12:23:37 PM): So, you started playing pretty soon after.
hopuk (12:23:48 PM): we did!
hopuk (12:23:55 PM): pehrspace was our first show.
hopuk (12:24:10 PM): we were crazy nervous
RFSL (12:24:16 PM): I think I first saw you with The Black Pine at The Echo?
hopuk (12:24:48 PM): yes, that was i think our second show.
hopuk (12:24:54 PM): again, super nervous.
RFSL (12:24:57 PM): Nice.
hopuk (12:25:01 PM): it's taken a while to get over all that.
RFSL (12:25:15 PM): You're more comfortable on stage now?
hopuk (12:26:00 PM): definitely. now i think it's actually pretty fun, when before it was terrifying. we are just both learning how to let go and not worry about the people who are staring at you. i almost just go into this funny zone now, and it feels great.
hopuk (12:26:20 PM): and we've found that wine really REALLY helps
hopuk (12:26:24 PM): so does tequila
hopuk (12:26:26 PM): tequila
RFSL (12:26:32 PM): I was just about to say that...
hopuk (12:26:34 PM): totally
hopuk (12:26:49 PM): at first, i had this rule about being sober when we played
hopuk (12:26:54 PM): cuz i thought that it'd be better
hopuk (12:26:56 PM): and i was wrong
hopuk (12:26:59 PM): sad, but true.
RFSL (12:27:37 PM): Ha, ha.
RFSL (12:27:40 PM): So, what's the name of the band from?
hopuk (12:27:49 PM): well.... kinda random
hopuk (12:27:58 PM): but i was walking up echo park ave. one day, trying to think of band names
hopuk (12:28:11 PM): and for some reason boards of canada came into my head
hopuk (12:28:16 PM): i liked the sound of it
hopuk (12:28:25 PM): and then i saw a palm tree, and randomly thought of hearts of palm
hopuk (12:28:28 PM): and i do love hearts of palm
hopuk (12:28:31 PM): (in salads)
hopuk (12:28:34 PM): but also, it felt so LA
hopuk (12:28:51 PM): being a girl in LA - like the heart of a palm.
hopuk (12:28:56 PM): palm trees = LA
hopuk (12:28:57 PM): you know
hopuk (12:29:05 PM): and then of course, can't talk about the UK
RFSL (12:29:15 PM): I have eighty-foot tall palm trees lining my block, so agree.
RFSL (12:29:21 PM): You can't!?
hopuk (12:29:33 PM): that's right!
hopuk (12:29:41 PM): but it just felt so fresh, and right.
hopuk (12:29:48 PM): at first it was Erica Elektra and the Hearts of Palm
hopuk (12:29:51 PM): but then that was just out of control
RFSL (12:30:12 PM): That sounds like Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam.
hopuk (12:30:21 PM): hahah!!
hopuk (12:30:31 PM): again, another laughing out loud situation in my little cubicle at work.
RFSL (12:30:36 PM): You'd have to do some dance moves on-stage with a name like that.
RFSL (12:30:44 PM): Not a bad thing necessarily.
hopuk (12:30:50 PM): totally. girls dressed up in palm tree costumes
hopuk (12:31:00 PM): we've tried the whole dancing thing
hopuk (12:31:05 PM): choreographed little parts
hopuk (12:31:15 PM): and then it's a total joke when we try them out, cuz we can't keep a straight face.
hopuk (12:31:22 PM): much less play the music....
RFSL (12:31:30 PM): Ha.
hopuk (12:31:41 PM): me and ambi-d LOVE LOVE LOVE to do our dancing thing. but not on stage!
RFSL (12:31:57 PM): So, congratulations on winning the Biore contest!
RFSL (12:32:05 PM): How did that come together?
hopuk (12:32:09 PM): so so so random
hopuk (12:32:38 PM): i'd heard that genart was looking for up and coming female music talent, and were taking submissions, so i applied. why not, you know?
RFSL (12:32:41 PM): Drinks are on you next Tuesday, by the way.
hopuk (12:32:45 PM): hahah!!!and then like 4 months later
hopuk (12:32:58 PM): i got a call from them when i was on vacation in miami and they said we were finalists.
hopuk (12:33:05 PM): i almost didn't remember what she was even talking about.
hopuk (12:33:47 PM): and then throughout the next few months, people voted, etc. etc. and there was a panel of expert judges (including Annie from Au Revoir Simone!!) who made the final decision.
hopuk (12:34:02 PM): Now we've got some cash to figure out some strategy.
RFSL (12:34:22 PM): That's fantastic.
RFSL (12:34:32 PM): What was the prize?
hopuk (12:35:03 PM): $20,000 (minus taxes... boo), a year's supply of Biore Skin Care products, and a high-level membership to GenArt.
hopuk (12:35:10 PM): need some pore strips?
RFSL (12:35:35 PM): Actually...
hopuk (12:36:05 PM): hahah!
RFSL (12:36:14 PM): That's great. Glad you won. You're using the proceeds to record an album and film your first video?
hopuk (12:36:20 PM): I have extras, i assure you. biore strips all around!
hopuk (12:36:26 PM): no... not really
hopuk (12:36:39 PM): video - already filmed, cost a whopping $35 or so...
hopuk (12:37:12 PM): and then the album - it's pretty much recorded, and has been done so by friends... so we'll definitely use some to give them cash they might not have expected.
hopuk (12:37:45 PM): mostly i'm thinking that we may end up putting it out ourselves, pay for a publicist, etc....
hopuk (12:37:57 PM): and there's a bunch of equipment that we are paying ourselves back for.
RFSL (12:39:45 PM): So when will the album be due?
hopuk (12:40:22 PM): album.... i'm really really hoping to have it all done within the next two months.
hopuk (12:40:32 PM): and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to find a good label for it.
hopuk (12:40:49 PM): if not, then we'll put it out ourselves.
RFSL (12:40:51 PM): Cool. How is it different from your EP?
hopuk (12:41:01 PM): oh, that's not an ep
hopuk (12:41:05 PM): it's just our "demo"
hopuk (12:41:10 PM): it's going to have 13 songs
hopuk (12:41:17 PM): and will have better production value
RFSL (12:41:24 PM): Any of the old songs?
hopuk (12:41:42 PM): yes, all four for sure. cuz we never formally released anything at all.
hopuk (12:41:55 PM): we might might might add some live strings
hopuk (12:42:09 PM): and even a third person...
hopuk (12:42:22 PM): that's why i'm holding off on saying it's fully recorded. although our parts are, i might add a third.
hopuk (12:42:48 PM): it'll have really cool album art
RFSL (12:43:20 PM): By who?
hopuk (12:43:33 PM): Margaret Wuller.
hopuk (12:43:42 PM): have you seen those old art noveau posters by mucha?
RFSL (12:44:10 PM): Yep.
hopuk (12:44:55 PM): me and ambi-d are going to be immortalized in that fashion.
RFSL (12:45:04 PM): Excellent.
hopuk (12:45:10 PM): it looks really cool so far!
RFSL (12:45:33 PM): So what else is next for you?
hopuk (12:45:49 PM): 1. making the album the best it can be is #1.
hopuk (12:46:04 PM): 2. would really like to be picked up by a mid-level indie label.
hopuk (12:46:12 PM): 3. publicity blitz.
hopuk (12:46:25 PM): 4. tour - hopefully getting on as an opener for someone good.
hopuk (12:46:42 PM): (and amongst all that, adding member(s) to our lineup.
hopuk (12:46:53 PM): and being cute.
hopuk (12:46:56 PM):
RFSL (12:48:52 PM): Ha!
RFSL (12:49:20 PM): Last question: Who are you listening to these days?
hopuk (12:49:51 PM): oooh....
hopuk (12:49:58 PM): here goes
hopuk (12:52:45 PM): n. lannon, ratatat, the knife, the concretes, the postmarks, stars, great northern, only son, scrabbel, blonde redhead, fionn regan, jeff hanson, elvis perkins, whitest boy alive, rogue wave, feist, my favorite, mary timony....
hopuk (12:52:54 PM): that's just random off the top of my head.
RFSL (12:53:52 PM): Nice.
hopuk (12:54:07 PM): (i've got to get going at 1, just so you know)
RFSL (12:54:47 PM): Well, that's all I've got.
RFSL (12:54:52 PM): Thanks so much for your time!
hopuk (12:55:01 PM): thank YOU!

- Jonathan (the fucking motherfucker) MP3

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Jealous Girlfriends, Minipop, & Ferraby Lionheart

Here are some videos from some talented out-of-towners who’ve come through recently, along with a new clip from a local singer/songwriter who I think is woefully under-appreciated.

First up are two from Brooklyn’s The Jealous Girlfriends, who played three shows here in the last week and I managed to miss all of them. (The last by a scant few minutes…)

Second is SF’s Mini-Pop. If Sassy Magazine was still around, they’d be exclaiming “Cute band alert!” right now. (Is it okay to appropriate that whole-sale from them?)

Last is Ferraby Lionheart’s Small Planet off his Catch The Brass Ring album… I still haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it, but think his EP and live act are fucking brilliant.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ticket Giveaway: Film School, Eulogies, & Division Day On Thursday

We've scored a few extra pairs of tickets for the Thursday show at The EchoPlex with Film School, who are playing with Paul Walker's new group Eulogies and local indie rock crowd pleasers Division Day.

Haven't heard Eulogies yet and still need to listen to Film School's new album in earnest, but their last was full of shoegazey charmers and Division Day never disappoint live.

Here are some videos, in case one or both are new to you.

To be entered in the drawing, just write us here with "Film School" in the message header and your full name on the inside part.

And don't forget the show we're helping Rock Insider and Square Girls put on tonight out at The Scene with The Valley Arena, The Bentleys, The Forms, and Signal Hill...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's Independent! = FREE SHOW & FREE MUSIC

Just a reminder that next Tuesday night -- that's the 20th, not tonight -- is our next Let's Independent! event at Boardner's.

This time we'll have three shades of electronic indie pop with Hearts Of Palm UK (who will be debuting their first video), Marvelous Toy (who will be celebrating the release of their first cd), and Letting Up Despite Great Faults (who have a very, very long name).

It's FREE and we have a track from each act for you to download below this exceedingly rad flier by Christine from Mini-Love. As you can hear, it should be a really great night.

Go here for all the details.

- Hearts Of Palm UK's I Flow MP3
- Marvelous Toy's You Were Brighter MP3
- Letting Up Despite Great Faults MP3

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Monday Show Down (Or "If Aquarium Gravel is Bad For You, How Come It Tastes So Good?")

This is one of those weeks that's going to kick your ass if you let it, and you know what? You should.

Because by the time next Sunday evening rolls around, wouldn't you rather be ass-kicked and have seen a hundred great shows than be well-rested and all caught up on the latest episodes of Heroes and Teh Bionic Woman?

I mean, really... No bagging meant on those shows, but these are the times that define why Tivo and DVDs exist in the first place.

Monday, November 12
- Sondre Lerche @ The Troubadour
- Indie 103.1’s Check One.. Two w/ GLISS, Morning Benders, & Shiloe @ The Viper Room
- Bill And Tango Nuevo @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Feist & Spoon @ The Gibson Ampitheatre
- Mr. Divisadero, Puzzle, & Katy Davidson @ The Smell
- Softlights, We Barbarians, & Dead Ponies @ Spaceland
- The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Mimes of Wine, Artichoke, and Foxtail Brigade@ Tangier
- Restaurant, The Parson Redheads, & Or The Whale @ The Echo (FREE)
- The Booze Hounds, Nancy Fullforce (ex-Kill Radio), & A.L.O.C. @ The Scene (FREE)
- Limbeck @ The Hotel Café
- Lair, Realicide, Zombelle, Sonelle, & Tongues ‘n Teeth @ Pehrspace
- Cydney Robinson, The Knife Chase, Holland Greco, & Zak Schaffer @ Bordello
- Casxio, Jealous Girlfriends, A For Attack, & Evan Voytas @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)

Both Kevin Bronson from The LA Times’ Buzz Bands Blog and Scott McDonald from Surfing On Steam favorably wrote about Brooklyn’s The Jealous Girlfriends last week after they played with Great Northern.

I bought their album off of CD Baby after reading both and it’s good. They’re playing for free with Casxio tonight at The Silver Lake Lounge and I’m going to try my best to make it.

Tuesday, November 13
- The Whigs, Wild Street Orange, & Le Switch @ Spaceland
- Sondre Lerche @ The Troubadour
- Pieta Brown, Robert Francis, Cosio, & Liz Pappademas @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- T Bowl Tuesdays w/ The Janitor @ Mr T’s Bowl
- DTFM, Truth In Fiction, Rumspringa, & DJ Psychedelic Judaism @ Safari Sam’s
- Emma Pollock & American Music Club @ The Echo
- Wounded Lion, Shammer’d, & The Scrips @ The Scene
- Dorian Wood, Cathair Ensemble, & Milo @ Bordello
- Spiritualized @ The Vista Theatre
- Jill Sobule @ Largo
- Black Dice w/ No Age and Mika Miko @ Echoplex

Aquarium Drunkard is putting on a show at Spaceland for The Whigs, an act they call “our favorite Athens, GA export the past two years running.” And that guy seriously knows his shit. Also playing are Le Switch, who are, in a word, rad.

We’re giving away tickets to the other super noteworthy show going on Tuesday night… Black Dice with No Age and Mika Miko at The Echo. Just send us a message here with “Black Dice” in the header and your full name to be entered in the drawing.

Wednesday, November 14
- Rock Insider & Radio Free Silver Lake Present The Valley Arena, The Forms, The Bentleys, & Signal Hill @ The Scene
- Suzanne Vega @ The El Rey
- Indie 103.1 presents CLUB NME w/Polytechnic (from the UK), & Castledoor @ Spaceland
- Filter Magazine presents Revenge of the Sunset Strip w/ Magnet & Panda Band @ The Roxy
- No Little Kindness, Warm Climate, & Mooey Moobau @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Correatown, The Broken West, The Monolators, & The Henry Clay People @ Bordello
- Loundon Wainwright @ Largo
- KT Tunstall @ Avalon
- Athlete @ The Troubadour
- The Western States Motel, The Spires, & Franklin For Short @ Tangier
- Sangre, Sangre! & Silverbird @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Casxio @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Oh, fantastic Los Angeles music scene… How you fucking vex me sometimes…

We’re helping put on a great night at The Scene with Rock Insider and Square Girls featuring The Valley Arena, The Bentleys, The Forms, and Signal Hill – the latter of which are a fucking incredible post rock outfit who are responsible for one of my favorite shows so far this year.

Of course, The Spires and The Western States Motel, who are also some of my favorite local acts, are playing at Tangiers at the same time.

And if that wasn’t enough, The Monolators, The Henry Clay People, Correatown, and The Broken West are all at Bordello and Castledoor is at Spaceland.

Thursday, November 15
- Redcar, Ology, & United By Sound @ Bordello
- King Kahn and BBQ Show & Pleaseeasaur @ Spaceland
- Monsters Are Waiting, So So So, Sabertooth Tiger, Aztlan Underground, & Horns @ The Scene
- Wadsworth & Birdsnest @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Vaudeville, & Whirling Dervish @ Alex's Bar (Long Beach)
- Totally Radd!!, Monotonix, Anavan, Calvin Johnson, & Pat Regan @ The Smell
- Manchester Orchestra & Annuals @ The Troubadour
- Shaking the Blues Tour w/Erykah Badu, Nikka Costa, The Roots, & more @ The Wiltern
- Lydia Lunch @ Largo
- Stab City, A Viewing, Prognosis Negative, & Virginia City Revival @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Film School & Eulogies @ The EchoPlex

We’re giving away tickets to the new-from-SF-to-LA shoegaze/rock act Film School at Spaceland on Thursday night. Again, send us a message here with “Film School” in the header and your full name to be entered in the drawing. You should go, either way.

Friday, November 16
- Amateurs, Nightfur, & I Make This Sound @ Spaceland
- Lyrics Born @ The El Rey
- Yahowa 13, Sky Saxon and The Seeds, & Entrance @ The Echo
- The Mormons, The Primos, A.M., & She Sells Sea Shells @ The Knitting Factory
- Wicker @ El Cid
- The B52’s @ The Roxy
- HEALTH, AIDS Wolf, & XBXRX @ The Smell
- Discount Cruise To Hell!, Slowmo Erotic, & Captain Automatic @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Tiger Army @ The Wiltern
- Marie Digby @ The Troubadour
- The Greasy Beats, The Electones, & Telematique @ Bordello
- Six Organs Of Admittance @ Amoeba Music (6PM – FREE)
- Neko Case @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

Folk rock group The Amateurs played our monthly Let’s Independent! night a few months back and psych pop act Nightfur performed last month, so it’s safe to say that we like both a lot and you know where we’re going to be on Friday night.

Saturday, November 17
- Sean Hayes, Jenny Owen Youngs, & Jim Bianco @ Bordello
- Andy Clockwise @ The Scene
- Tiger Army @ The Wiltern
- CD Release Party for Childhood Dilemma @ Mr T’s Bowl
- Catwalk, Maria, Sea Lions, & The Tartans @ The Smell
- Turn Off The Radio @ The Echoplex
- Jeremy Jay (record release), Lloyd & Michael (record release), The Finches, & Pillows @ Pehrspace
- Alex And Sam, Blanket, Monster, & The High Wires @ Tangier
- The Warlocks & Darker My Love @ The Troubadour

I’ve got nothing for Saturday night other than that I like what I’ve heard from The Tartans… (Marion from Square Girls turned me onto them.)

Oop. Looks like I missed the Hang The DJ's night with The Parson Red Heads... Evan says, "There are DJ's upstairs AND downstairs in The Echoplex. Tons o dancing. Tons o fun."

Sunday, November 18
- Earlimart, Rademacher, The Karabal Nightlife, & Tigers Can Bite You @ Spaceland
- Waterlaso, The Mysterians, Our 4 Sons, Master Cylindar, & No Way Jose @ Mr T’s Bowl
- The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Karin Tatoyan, Meredith Meyer, No Go Know, & Blue Whales @ All-Star Lanes
- Gene Loves Jezebel @ Safari Sam’s
- Mika Miko, Jay Reatard, No Age, The Strange Boys, & Disaster @ The Smell
- The Slighted, Sinkhole, & Sahua @ The Scene

That line-up at Spaceland with Earlimart (performing as a winsome two-piece), Rademacher, Tigers Can Bite You, and The Karabal Nightlife pretty much demands both your attention and attendance.

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mini-Interview: Princeton

Local indie pop act Princeton is one of those groups whose music you pretty much like from first listen and then start evangelizing to all of your friends.

They’ve only been playing out for about half the year, but dozens of music sites have already written about them and they’ve snagged several noteworthy opening slots, such as this Saturday at The Echo with Saturday Looks Good To Me.

We checked in with Princeton’s Jesse Kivel to find out more.

RFSL: Hi, Jesse.
Princeton: Hey, Joe.
RFSL: So, the band is primarily you and your twin brother, right?
Princeton: Well, not really. The main core of the band has been me, my twin brother, and our friend Ben. We rotate around that core
RFSL: Ah, cool.
RFSL: How long you been together?
Princeton: Well, it's hard to say. We have been making music with Ben since we were little, but Princeton itself I would say officially started about a year and a half ago when we went to London. It was our first time all being together for an extended period of time. But we have only really been out playing consistently since June
RFSL: It seems like you've gotten a lot of attention since then.
RFSL: I mean, opening for acts at The Troubadour like Au Revoir Simone and then Saturday Looks Good To Me this weekend at The Echo. That’s great.
Princeton: Well, that's nice of you to say. Yes, we have been very fortunate with the opening slots we have gotten. We honestly couldn't believe we got [Au Revoir Simone]. So sometimes it feels like we are doing really well for ourselves. Other times, it feels like we are playing shows for the bartenders!
RFSL: So, you said you've been playing music since you were little with your friend Ben. What made you decide to formally make it a band?
RFSL: And when you said, "I'd like to make this kind of music," what kind of music were you thinking of?
RFSL: Or did it start more naturally?
RFSL: (Sorry. That's three questions. Pick whichever are most applicable.)
Princeton: Well, with Ben… the second we bought guitars we wanted to start a band. The problem was, we sucked. But that problem never really stopped us. I remember, I could barely play a d chord and Ben would write all the songs on keyboards and I couldn't sing in tune. It was just horrendous. And we would be so excited when we finished a song and would run to our parents to play it. They would always be very encouraging, but it must have been just awful
RFSL: You started playing out in June. When did the EP come out?
Princeton: Well the EP has been circulating since last September, but it never really came out. It has always been just cd-r's. And when we made the first copies we were all still in college at separate universities, so we never played any shows to support it. So, in a way, it’s never been properly released
RFSL: You just made that at home?
Princeton: Actually, we recorded it in London in Ben's flat. We had brought our mbox from home and a mic to just mess around. But after awhile we got really excited about the songs and decided to make those demos our cd.
RFSL: It sounds great. Really immediately likeable stuff. I like every track.
RFSL: Any plans to record more soon?
Princeton: Thanks. Actually we are recording right now, in our house. We are in the processing of getting our garage soundproofed, but until then we have converted Ben's bedroom (once again) into a makeshift studio. I don't know what it is about Ben, but we just love to use his room for recording.
Princeton: But on this recording there are a lot more instruments and drums and all of that stuff.
RFSL: So, you're opening for Saturday Looks Good To Me on Saturday. If that show were a movie, I'd say it had perfect casting.
RFSL: You familiar with their music?
Princeton: Haha. Yes, very. I think Fred is amazing and their work is just really strong. I thought it would be a great fit for a show and in addition, the other band on the bill (Cryptacize) is probably one of our favorite bands of the year, so we really couldn't be more pleased.
RFSL: Cool. I'm really bummed that I've got to miss it.
RFSL: I have the worst luck catching you guys play, I swear...
Princeton: Haha, I know I feel like every show you have planned on going to something has come up. Well, we have some shows in December that I feel like you will have to go to!
RFSL: Ha. Yeah, definitely. So, what's next for you? You're recording... Any tour plans or residencies or what not
Princeton: Um, we have been talking to some venues about residencies and we are also looking into some possible touring opportunities. Nothing is official yet and the truth is we are trying to take the next two months easy to finish the next recording and then we are going to see. But I can say that the next recording we are doing is an EP based on the Bloomsbury group and we are all very excited about it
RFSL: You mean the English collectivity of loving friends and relatives who lived in or near London during the first half of the twentieth century whose work deeply influenced literature, aesthetics, criticism, and economics as well as modern attitudes towards feminism, pacifism, and sexuality?
Princeton: Haha. Exactly.
RFSL: Excellent.
Princeton: Yes, actually we are doing four tracks, each one on a member. We’re doing Virgina Woolf, Leonard Woolf, Keynes, and Strachey
RFSL: Great. When are you planning on having that ready?
Princeton: Matt and I are writing two songs a piece for it.
Princeton: My goal was to finish recording by December. So hopefully in March.
Princeton: And hopefully we will start playing the EP out in January. The goal was to make it the first part of every show. The EP the whole way through (all 4 songs). But we will see
RFSL: Cool.
RFSL: So, last question for you...
Princeton: Okay.
RFSL: Who are you listening to (in town or in general) these days?
Princeton: Well, locally, I think Parson Red Heads are great. Other newer bands we enjoy, again I would say Cryptacize, Vampire Weekend, Black Dice, Panda Bear...We actually end up listening to so much old music it's hard to say!
Princeton: For older groups, I’m listening to a lot of Sam Cooke, Scott Walker, Jorge Ben, Smokey Robinson, a lot of old Hawaiian records from the 20's...just a bunch of stuff. I know Matt is never not listening to The Kinks.
RFSL: Cool. Well, that's all I've got, man.
RFSL: Thanks so much for your time. Hope the show this weekend goes great.
Princeton: Cool. It's been good talking with you

- The Indifference Curve MP3